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Asaph Putnam (1724-1796)Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts, United StatesPittstown, New York, United StatesIsaac Putnam (1698-1757)Anna Fuller (1699-1754)Sarah Park (1724-1770)+Rebecca (1747-1825)
Asaph Putnam (1784-1871)Dummerston, Windham County, Vermont, United StatesGower, Carleton County, Ontario, CanadaAbijah Putnam (1744-c1817)Elisabeth Livermore (1745-)Nancy Strokes (1789-1868)
Asaph Ezra Putnam (1837-1905)Marlborough Township, Carleton County, Ontario, CanadaJoel Stokes Putnam (1814-1891)Lovilla Church (1814-1898)Julia Ann Stewart (c1832)+Charolette Rebecca Booth (1842-1908)
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