Athanase Adolphe Henri Boissevain (8 March 1843, Amsterdam - 1 April 1921, Bussum) was a Dutch banker, who founded the banking company Adolphe Boissevain & Co in 1875, with the help of an American partner. This firm was active in two fields: the introduction of American securities on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and securities arbitrage between Amsterdam, New York and London. In 1888, in order to improve his position, he founded (in cooperation with his American partners, the Blake Brothers) the London-based company Blake, Boissevain & Co. Together the three companies were a strong alliance in the 3 main financial centers. Adolphe‘s first assistant in the securities arbitrage business was J.L. Pierson, who later became partner in the company. A few years after Adolphe retired the name of the firm was changed to Pierson & Co., predecessor of the present well-known investment bank MeesPierson.


Adolphe‘s business became, beside purely Dutch, ever more transatlantic. In the U.S. he acquired an outstanding reputation in financing companies, particularly railway companies, e.g. the trans Canadian Pacific Railways. Along this line is situated, in Manitoba, the town of Boissevain, Manitoba, named after Adolphe and carrying the family coat of arms. In West Virginia, too, there is a small town Boissevain also named after Adolphe because of his involvement in financing the Norfolk & Western Railways.


Adolphe was also active in other European countries. In 1887 he was cofounder of one of the largest international banks in Switzerland, the Schweizerischer Bankverein (now UBS). During 18 years he was a member of the board of directors. Later on his London firm Blake, Boissevain & Co was sold to this bank. Of course Adolphe traveled a lot. He often took the Friday night boat from Harwich to Hoek van Holland, stayed a week-end in his country estate Prins Hendriksoord in the Netherlands, and on Sunday took the night boat back to England.

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