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Auckland County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It is at the extreme south-east of the state, with the Victorian border to the south, and the area to the north of the Brogo River the boundary to the north. It includes Bega, Eden and Merimbula.

Auckland County was named in honour of George Eden, who was the First Earl of Auckland between (1784-1849).[1]

In 1852 it had an area of 1,536,000 acres (6,216 km2) and was described as being mountainous with fertile plains.[2]

Parishes within this county Edit

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Bega Bega Valley Shire 36°40′54″S 149°54′04″E / -36.68167, 149.90111 (Bega Parish)
Bemboka Bega Valley Shire 36°40′54″S 149°37′04″E / -36.68167, 149.61778 (Bemboka Parish)
Bimmil Bega Valley Shire 36°59′54″S 149°50′04″E / -36.99833, 149.83444 (Bimmil Parish)
Bondi Bombala Shire 37°06′54″S 149°15′04″E / -37.115, 149.25111 (Bondi Parish)
Bournda Bega Valley Shire 36°48′54″S 149°55′04″E / -36.815, 149.91778 (Bournda Parish)
Boyd Bega Valley Shire 37°00′54″S 149°43′04″E / -37.015, 149.71778 (Boyd Parish)
Bredbendoura Bega Valley Shire 36°45′54″S 149°30′04″E / -36.765, 149.50111 (Bredbendoura Parish)
Brogo Bega Valley Shire 36°37′54″S 149°51′04″E / -36.63167, 149.85111 (Brogo Parish)
Bronte Bega Valley Shire 36°34′54″S 149°45′04″E / -36.58167, 149.75111 (Bronte Parish)
Buckle Bega Valley Shire 37°18′54″S 149°41′04″E / -37.315, 149.68444 (Buckle Parish)
Burragate Bega Valley Shire 36°58′54″S 149°38′04″E / -36.98167, 149.63444 (Burragate Parish)
Candelo Bega Valley Shire 36°43′54″S 149°45′04″E / -36.73167, 149.75111 (Candelo Parish)
Cobra Bega Valley Shire 36°53′54″S 149°47′04″E / -36.89833, 149.78444 (Cobra Parish)
Colombo Bega Valley Shire 36°33′54″S 149°26′04″E / -36.565, 149.43444 (Colombo Parish)
Coolangubra Bega Valley Shire 36°59′54″S 149°30′04″E / -36.99833, 149.50111 (Coolangubra Parish)
Eden Bega Valley Shire 37°03′54″S 149°51′04″E / -37.065, 149.85111 (Eden Parish)
Genoa Bombala Shire 37°08′54″S 149°25′04″E / -37.14833, 149.41778 (Genoa Parish)
Gnupa Bega Valley Shire 36°57′54″S 149°47′04″E / -36.965, 149.78444 (Gnupa Parish)
Gooyan Bega Valley Shire 37°14′54″S 149°47′04″E / -37.24833, 149.78444 (Gooyan Parish)
Howe Bega Valley Shire 37°21′54″S 149°56′04″E / -37.365, 149.93444 (Howe Parish)
Imlay Bega Valley Shire 37°04′54″S 149°44′04″E / -37.08167, 149.73444 (Imlay Parish)
Kameruka Bega Valley Shire 36°44′54″S 149°50′04″E / -36.74833, 149.83444 (Kameruka Parish)
Kanoonah Bega Valley Shire 36°55′54″S 149°25′04″E / -36.93167, 149.41778 (Kanoonah Parish)
Kiah Bega Valley Shire 37°07′54″S 149°56′04″E / -37.13167, 149.93444 (Kiah Parish)
Kokoboreeka Bega Valley Shire 36°23′54″S 149°35′04″E / -36.39833, 149.58444 (Kokoboreeka Parish)
Mataganah Bega Valley Shire 36°58′54″S 149°34′04″E / -36.98167, 149.56778 (Mataganah Parish)
Meringo Bega Valley Shire 36°41′54″S 149°46′04″E / -36.69833, 149.76778 (Meringo Parish)
Mogila Bega Valley Shire 36°41′54″S 149°30′04″E / -36.69833, 149.50111 (Mogila Parish)
Mokoreeka Bega Valley Shire 36°27′54″S 149°31′04″E / -36.465, 149.51778 (Mokoreeka Parish)
Mookerwah Bega Valley Shire 36°24′54″S 149°43′04″E / -36.415, 149.71778 (Mookerwah Parish)
Mumbulla Bega Valley Shire 36°29′54″S 149°48′04″E / -36.49833, 149.80111 (Mumbulla Parish)
Nalbaugh Bega Valley Shire 37°03′54″S 149°23′04″E / -37.065, 149.38444 (Nalbaugh Parish)
Narrabarba Bega Valley Shire 37°15′54″S 149°53′04″E / -37.265, 149.88444 (Narrabarba Parish)
Nullica Bega Valley Shire 37°07′54″S 149°49′04″E / -37.13167, 149.81778 (Nullica Parish)
Numbugga Bega Valley Shire 36°38′54″S 149°46′04″E / -36.64833, 149.76778 (Numbugga Parish)
Nungatta Bega Valley Shire 37°12′54″S 149°27′04″E / -37.215, 149.45111 (Nungatta Parish)
Ooranook Bega Valley Shire 36°33′54″S 149°34′04″E / -36.565, 149.56778 (Ooranook Parish)
Pambula Bega Valley Shire 36°52′54″S 149°54′04″E / -36.88167, 149.90111 (Pambula Parish)
Pericoe Bega Valley Shire 37°05′54″S 149°33′04″E / -37.09833, 149.55111 (Pericoe Parish)
Puen Buen Bega Valley Shire 36°28′54″S 149°45′04″E / -36.48167, 149.75111 (Puen Buen Parish)
Sturt Bega Valley Shire 37°11′54″S 149°42′04″E / -37.19833, 149.70111 (Sturt Parish)
Tantawangalo Bega Valley Shire 36°45′54″S 149°34′04″E / -36.765, 149.56778 (Tantawangalo Parish)
Towamba Bega Valley Shire 37°07′54″S 149°42′04″E / -37.13167, 149.70111 (Towamba Parish)
Victoria Bega Valley Shire 37°20′54″S 149°52′04″E / -37.34833, 149.86778 (Victoria Parish)
Waalimma Bega Valley Shire 37°16′54″S 149°32′04″E / -37.28167, 149.53444 (Waalimma Parish)
Wallagaraugh Bega Valley Shire 37°19′54″S 149°45′04″E / -37.33167, 149.75111 (Wallagaraugh Parish)
Wallagoot Bega Valley Shire 36°43′54″S 149°56′04″E / -36.73167, 149.93444 (Wallagoot Parish)
Werri Berri Bega Valley Shire 36°33′45″S 149°30′00″E / -36.5625, 149.5 (Werri Berri Parish)
Wolumla Bega Valley Shire 36°48′54″S 149°48′04″E / -36.815, 149.80111 (Wolumla Parish)
Wonboyn Bega Valley Shire 37°12′54″S 149°56′04″E / -37.215, 149.93444 (Wonboyn Parish)
Wyndham Bega Valley Shire 36°54′49″S 149°39′43″E / -36.91361, 149.66194 (Wyndham Parish)
Yambulla Bega Valley Shire 37°11′54″S 149°34′04″E / -37.19833, 149.56778 (Yambulla Parish)
Yowaka Bega Valley Shire 36°57′54″S 149°50′34″E / -36.965, 149.84278 (Yowaka Parish)
Yuglamah Bega Valley Shire 36°52′54″S 149°30′04″E / -36.88167, 149.50111 (Yuglamah Parish)
Yurammie Bega Valley Shire 36°49′54″S 149°40′04″E / -36.83167, 149.66778 (Yurammie Parish)


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