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August 18 is the 230th day of the year (231st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 135 days remaining until the end of the year.




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75 Familypedia people were born on August 18

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886)John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)Louisa Catherine Johnson (1775-1852)
Andrew Allan (1798-1837)David Allen (1778-1852)Sophia Johnston (-1821)
Joseph Wilson Anlezark (1845-1932)James Anlezark (1806-1874)Matilda Hawthorn (1821-1880)
Henry Bailey (1841-1903)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)
Mercy Baker (1699-1777)John Baker (1672-1763)Anna Annable (1675-1731)
Johannes Cornelis Bakker (1851-)Leendert Bakker (1825-1866)Gerarda van Steen (1822-1893)
Susanna Bechtel (1812-1888)
William Edgar Bickham (1866-1935)Charles Monroe Bickham (1847-1910)Gabriellen Mariah Smith (1848-1907)
Lionel Branch (1566-1605)William Branch (1525-1601)Katherine Jennings (c1532-1597)
John Brown (1851-1917)John Brown (1821-1896)Sarah Jane Alcorn (1826-1908)
Olivet Brown (1773-)Robert Brown (1739-)Mary Needham (1746-)
John Buckman (1811-1887)James Buckman (1770-1844)Susannah Price (1780-1848)
Dorothy Walker Bush (1959)George Herbert Walker Bush (1924)Barbara Pierce (1925)
Albert Bánffy de Losoncz (1871-1945)Ádám Bánffy de Losoncz (1847-1887)Mária Wesselényi de Hadad (1850-1922)
Jane Caterson (1844-1931)James Caterson (1815-1870)Catherine Rogers (1822-1893)
... further results

88 Familypedia people died on August 18

 FatherMotherAge at death
Preserved Abell (1644-1724)Robert Abell (1605-1663)Joanna Hyde (1610-1672)80
Tommaso II di Saluzzo (1304-1357)Federico di Saluzzo (1287-1336)Marguerite de la Tour du Pin (c1285-bef1333)53
Andre Andrews (1792-1834)Nathaniel Andrews (1756-1834)Mary Moss (1755-1847)42
Joseph Franciscus Angelbeek (1884-1951)Gerardus Bernardus AngelbeekCornelia Neidig67
Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850)John Arbuthnot (c1728-1797)Anne Stone (c1733-1782)83
Jesse Avard (c1772-1834)62
Wellow Baldwin (1804-1869)Henry Baldwin (c1771-1843)Elizabeth Carpenter (1775-1839)65
Hannah Ball (1725-1811)
Martha Jane Bankston (1888-1966)George Theodore Bankston (1854-1942)Rebecca Millie Purvis78
Shuah Bartlett (1715-1803)Nathan Bartlett (1691-1755)Shuah Heard (1694-)
Martha Beijen (1916-2009)Dirk Jan Beijen (1889-1973)Martha Gemert93
Charles Hugh Benger (1849-1925)Charles Benger (1819-1887)Euphemia Ferguson (c1821-1891)76
Hopestill Bent (1672-1725)Peter Bent (1629-1678)Elizabeth Agnes Barnes (1628-1704)53
Ezekiel Knolton Bigelow (1772-1845)Jabez Bigelow (1736-1822)Deborah Knowlton (1734-1816)73
Caroline Jane Blackman (1887-1965)John Thomas Blackman (1857-1936)Mary Ann Large (1864-1936)78
... further results

75 Familypedia people were first married on August 18

 FatherMotherJoined with
Laban Barnes (1847-1934)James Barnes (1815-1897)Jemima Stokes (1819-1905)Mari Anne Bacon (1854-1937)+Mary Chant (1856-1902)
Alvah Moses Beaman (1775-1837)Reuben Beman (1742-1810)Mariam Tracy (1745-1822)Sarah Burtts (1775-1848)
Edward Beecroft (1799-1857)John Beecroft (1771)Sarah Randall (1761)Corah Maskey (1809-1881)
Doris Manila Bird (1898-1954)Joseph Albert Bird (1857-1920)Emerette Estelle Frasier (1863-1906)Earl Edward Hedges (1897-1964)
Thomas Bruce (c1749-1820)Hannah Game (c1752-1834)
Sarah Burtts (1775-1848)Joseph Burtt (1732-1803)Elizabeth Peck (1736-1793)Alvah Moses Beaman (1775-1837)
Henri IV de Bourbon (1553-1610)Antoine de Bourbon-Vendôme (1518-1562)Jeanne III of Navarre (1528-1572)Marguerite of Angoulême (1553-1615)+Marie de' Medici (1575-1642) + Gabrielle d'Estrées
Marguerite of Angoulême (1553-1615)Henri II of Angoulême (1519-1559)Caterina de' Medici (1519-1589)Henri IV de Bourbon (1553-1610)
John P Childress (1787-1870)Robert Childers (c1762-c1831)Nancy Pryor (1764-1824)Catherine Ament (c1787-bef1835)+Unknown
Martha Coit (1706-1784)John Coit (1670-1744)Mehitable Chandler (1673-1758)Daniel Hubbard (1706-1741)+ Thomas Greene (1705-1764)
Anne Copeland (1778-1852)Peter Copeland (c1750-)Margaret Hodgson (c1750-1790)John Wilson (c1775-1852)
Charles Alexander Douglas-Home, 12th Earl of Home (1834-1918)Cospatrick Alexander Douglas-Home, 11th Earl of Home (1799-1881)Lucy Elizabeth Montagu-Scott (1805-1877)Maria Grey (1849-1919)
Thomasina Rebecca Dunstan (1858-1945)James Dunstan (1826-1914)Jane Eleanor Chaseling (1830-1860)John Dick Smith (c1856-1922)
Edward Eagle (1790-1880)William Eagle (1758-)Mary Dawson (1762-)Mary Smith (1791-c1890)
Alfred Henry Everingham (1852-1941)Henry Everingham (1829-1883)Mary Ann Napthali (1829-1879)Eliza Jane Cupitt (1856-1936)
... further results

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