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August 25 in recent years
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2008 (Monday)
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August 25 is the 237th day of the year (238th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 128 days remaining until the end of the year.




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62 Familypedia people were born on August 25

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Ephraim Bemis (1656-1738)Joseph Bemis (1619-1684)Sarah Finch (1620-1712)
William Richard Blackman (1825-1898)William R Blackman (c1800-1854)Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft (1799-1872)
Minnie Ann Boxsell (1877)Joseph John Boxsell (1844-1907)Mary Ann Souter (1846-1891)
Emma Bradney (1856-1915)John Bradney (1822-1872)Ann Louisa Pugh Nichols (1831-1914)
Agnes Evangeline Bridge (1866-1924)James Bridge (1845-1902)Eleanor Chick (1843-1928)
Geertruida Brussé (1821-1877)Jacobus Brussé (1794-1860)Carolina van Schuik (c1792-1854)
Marshall Bubley (1924-2007)Edward Bubley (1893-1969)Esther Lewis (1897-1969)
Roseanne Cameron (1864-1957)William Cameron (1838-1904)Sarah Jane Hollis (c1844-1884)
David Hoyt Canary (1938-2015)Hilary A. Canary (1910-2002)Lorena Heal (1912-1991)
Luis I of Spain (1707-1724)Philip V of Spain (1683-1746)Maria Louise de Savoie (1688-1714)
Phineas Wolcott Cook (1819-1900)Phineas Cook (1787-1848)Irene Churchill (1786-1870)
Billy Ray Cyrus (1961)Ronald Ray Cyrus (1935-2006)Ruth Ann Casto (1937)
Joseph Morgan Cyrus (1871-1939)Andrew Jackson Cyrus (1829-1919)Arrena Newman (1831-1908)
Rodney M. Dunn (1953-2015)Jack DunnBrownie Dunn
Gertrude Sarah Everingham (1855-1941)James Henry Everingham (1834-1928)Sarah Nixon (1835-1924)
... further results

83 Familypedia people died on August 25

 FatherMotherAge at death
Alexandra Adam (1907-1992)Heinrich Jakob Adam (1874-1941)Magdalena Presser (1882-1965)
Persis Allen (1736-1812)Obadiah Allen (1694-1781)Susanah Pratt (1693-1740)76
Neil Alden Armstrong (1930-2012)Stephen Koenig Armstrong (1907-1990)Viola Louise Engel (1907-1990)
Albrecht II. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1250-1298)Albrecht I. von Sachsen (c1180-1261)Helene von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1223-1273)48
Joseph Rambler Barber (1821-1907)John Barber (?-?)Jane Wyer (?-?)86
Dietrich von Haldensleben (?-985)Wichmann Billung (916-944)Bia von Ringelsheim (?-?)
Charles Boyle (1800-1834)Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork (1767-1856)Isabella Henrietta Poyntz (-1843)34
Isabella Albinia Boyle (1851-1929)Richard Cavendish Boyle (1812-1886)Eleanor Vere Gordon (1825-1916)78
James Solomon Bramble (1859-1944)William Bramble (1804-1887)Lydia Jean Austen (1820-1872)85
Sarah Cadogan (1705-1751)William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (1672-1726)Margaretta Cecilia Munter (1675-1749)46
Seaborn I. Callaway (1815-1861)Parker Callaway (1790-1868)Susanna Peteet (1796-1858)46
Thomas de Cantilupe (c1218-1282)William II de Cantilupe (-1251)Milicent de Gournai (c1189-)64
Hugues III de Bourgogne (1148-1192)Eudes II de Bourgogne (1118-1162)Marie de Champagne (c1130-c1177)44
Louis IX Capet (1214-1270)Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)56
Margaret of Anjou (1430-1482)René of Naples (1409-1480)Isabelle de Lorraine (1400-1453)52
... further results

62 Familypedia people were first married on August 25

 FatherMotherJoined with
Maria von Anhalt-Zerbst (1538-1563)Johann IV. von Anhalt-Dessau (1504-1551)Margaretha von Brandenburg (1511-1577)Albrecht X. von Barby-Mühlingen (1534-1586)
Apollonia Bach (1788-?)Johann Georg Bach (1756-1823)Maria Magdalena Eschenbach (1759-1844)Johann Knorr (?-?)
Nathaniel Ball (1717-1814)Nathaniel Ball (1692-1749)Sarah Baker (1693-1743)Mary Wesson (1717-1814)
Mildred Bennion (1896-1969)Marcus Bennion (1865-1913)Lucy Evelyn Smith (1866-1937)Henry Eyring (1901-1981)
Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan (1735-1799)John Bingham (1696-1749)Anne Vesey (1707-1762)Margaret Smith (1739-1814)
John Bodycote (1859-1908)John Bodycote (1818-1896)Eliza Farmer (1822-1895)Mary Ann Green (1856-1908)
Carey J. BrumfieldJesse W. BrumfieldPearlie MageeHattie Ray Robbins
Mary Capell (1722-1782)William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex (1698-1743)Jane Hyde (c1699-1724)John Forbes (1714-1796)
Charlotte de la Marche (1388-1422)Jean I de la Marche (1344-1393)Catherine de Vendôme (1355-1412)Jean II de Lusignan (1375-1432)
Harriett Mary Daniel (1877-1964)Francis Daniel (1841-1930)Ann Sullivan (1848-1913)George Ambrose Jurd (1878-1933)
Henry Eyring (1901-1981)Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957)Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954)Mildred Bennion (1896-1969)
Enid Victoria Rachel Fane (1894-1969)Anthony Mildmay Julian Fane, 13th Earl of Westmorland (1859-1922)Sybil Mary St. Clair-Erskine (1871-1910)Henry Cecil Vane (1882-1917)+Herbert Broke Turnor (-1969)
John Forbes (1714-1796)George Forbes, 3rd Earl of Granard (1685-1765)Mary Stewart (c1677-1765)Mary Capell (1722-1782)
István András Fáy (1845-1893)János Fáy (1800-1868)Borbála Karsa (1806-1861)Katalin Tóth (1860-1929)
Mary Goodenow (c1640-1704)Thomas Goodenow (1617-1666)Jane Ruddick (1611-1666)James Ross (c1620-1690)
... further results

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