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August 29 in recent years
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August 29 is the 241st day of the year (242nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 124 days remaining until the end of the year.




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69 Familypedia people were born on August 29

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Samuel Nathaniel Alford (1885-1961)Needham Jasper Alford (1860-1907)Nancy Isobella Collins (1865-1894)
Sarah Wentworth Apthorp (1759-1846)James Apthorp (1731-1799)Sarah Wentworth (1735-1820)
Albert P. Ashworth (1872-1934)James Edward Ashworth (1831-1910)Ellen E. Ramsbottom (1843-1910)
Johann Simon Bach (1869-1953)Johann Georg Bach (1836-1903)Elizabethe Margarethe Schauer (1839-1917)
Margaret Hutchison Bathgate (1828-1857)James Bathgate (1797-1873)Martha Leitch (1802-1854)
Eva May Beede (1855-1932)George Sloan Beede (1831-1904)Helen Mary Samborne (1833-)
George Tyler Burroughs (1866-1944)George Tyler Burroughs (1833-1913)Mary Evaline Zieger (1835-1920)
Philippe Capet (1116-1131)Louis VI of France (1081-1137)Adèle de Savoie (1092-1154)
Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish (1785-1862)William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire (1748-1811)Georgiana Spencer (1757-1806)
Marie-Louise Fébronie Chassé (1880-1998)Pierre Chassé (1849-1911)Febronie Levesque (1852-1912)
Karel Maria Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1853-1926)Antonín Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1822-1883)Olga von Moltke (1832-1906)
Hannah Clarke (1817-1900)Daniel Clarke (1786-1869)Hannah Stanley (1788-1854)
Cornelis Commandeur (1778-1849)Pieter Commandeur (1734-)Geertje Roosendaal (1748-1818)
Polly Mildred Davis (1895-1986)Frederick Davis (1856-1932)Elizabeth Sarah Isabella Alcorn (1859-1955)
Mary Denison (1705-)
... further results

75 Familypedia people died on August 29

 FatherMotherAge at death
Agnes von Österreich (1206-1226)Leopold VI. von Österreich (1176-1230)Theodora Angelina (c1182-1246)20
William Bake (1828-1914)Peter Bake (1804-1868)Tabitha Phems (1805-)86
Johnathan Baker (1753-1848)John Baker (1703-1787)Patience Unknown95
Robert de Neufbourg (1100-1159)Henry of Warwick (c1036-1119)Marguerite du Perche (c1075-c1122)59
Martha Bent (1642-1680)John Bent (1596-1672)Martha Blanchard (1598-1676)38
Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935)O. Carl W. of Sweden (1861-1951)Ingeborg of Denmark (1878-1958)30
Gheorghe Bogdan (1854-1925)Manolache Bogdan (c1793-1854)Ana Ghika-Trifești (1826-1866)
Edward Botting (1729-1804)John Botting (1702-1786)Mary Holland (1703-1761)75
Winslow Brigham (1736-1791)Jedediah Brigham (1693-1763)Bethiah Howe (1694-1756)55
Hugh I de Bourgogne (1057-1093)Henry de Bourgogne (1035-c1074)Sybil of Barcelona (?-?)36
Hugh de Bourgogne (1034-1059)Robert I de Bourgogne (1011-1076)Hélie de Semur (1016-aft1055)25
Jean V de Bretagne (1389-1442)Jean IV de Bretagne (1339-1399)Joanna of Navarre (1370-1437)53
Ralph A. Carpenter (1891-1933)John B. Carpenter (1848-1927)Charity A. Stom (1854-1892)42
John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (c1648-1700)John Cecil, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628-1678)Frances Manners (1630-1660)52
Lillie Mae Clark (c1906-1949)Charles Oliver Clark (c1862-1935)43
... further results

69 Familypedia people were first married on August 29

 FatherMotherJoined with
Charles Adams (1770-1800)John Adams (1735-1826)Abigail Smith (1744-1818)Sally Smith (1769-1828)
Thomas Arundell (1806-1860)Isaac Arundell (bef1806)Mary A unknown (bef1806)Sarah Wood (c1801-1875)
Frances Millicent Bath (1875-1955)Alfred Bath (1842-1900)Sophie Caroline Hogenow (c1845-1887)William John McGuffog (1875-1954)
Daniel Brigham (1760-1818)Winslow Brigham (1736-1791)Elizabeth Harrington (1737-1815)Thankful Brigham (1765-1824)
Thankful Brigham (1765-1824)George Brigham (1730-1808)Mary Bragg (1735-1822)Daniel Brigham (1760-1818)
John Brown (1824-1906)David Brown (1772-1826)Eleanor Fleming (1780-1865)Sarah Kesia Winton (1828-1906)
Joseph Frederick Christmas (1849-1940)Joseph Christmas (bef1841-)Matilda (bef1841-)Mary Ann Page (1846-1930)
Pierce Collits (1842-1928)James Collits (1806-1880)Sophia Field (1807-1871)Mary Ann Watkins (1843-1932)
Jane Crombie (1843-1917)James Crombie (1810-1878)Katherine Scott Forbes (1812-1893)David Littlejohn (1841-1924)
Anna Domelle (1890-1974)Adam Domelle (c1860-)Christine Rizer (c1860-)John F. Tischler
Sarah Doty (1708-1732)Samuel Doty (1681-1750)Ann Buckingham (1687-1745)Benjamin Stillman (1705-?)
John Grant (1835-1906)John Grant (1792-1866)Elizabeth West (?-?)Julia Finn (1835-1919)
Sarah Louise Heath (1964)Charles Richard Heath (1938)Sarah Sheeran (1940)Todd Mitchell Palin (1964)
Maaike Heijmans (1750-1837)Leendert HeijmansWillemke van DalemDirk de Graaff
Luise Ulrike von Preußen (1720-1782)Friedrich Wilhelm I. in Preußen (1688-1740)Sophie Dorothea von Hannover (1687-1757)Adolf Fredrik of Sweden (1710-1771)
... further results

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