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August 6 is the 218th day of the year (219th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 147 days remaining until the end of the year.




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87 Familypedia people were born on August 6

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
William Amos (1812-1895)John Amos (1775)Rachel Bennett (1773)
Joseph Arnold (1761-1796)Joseph Arnold (1725-1801)Anne Lockwood (1730-1772)
Jonathan Bachman (1769-1861)Samuel Bachman (1739-1814)Rachel Owen (1744-1823)
Robert Bailey (1848-1879)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)
Maria Adelaide Louisa Baker (1855-1920)William Baker (1822-1907)Julia Ann Scanlin (c1824-1885)
Leendert Bakker (1825-1866)Jan Bakker (1780-1837)Jannetje van Diemen (1776-1833)
Lucille Desiree Ball (1911-1989)Henry Durrell Ball (1887-1915)Desiree Evelyn Hunt (1892-1977)
William George Bartlett (1873-1951)Edward Bartlett (1845-1916)Ann Saxby (1846-1927)
Elizabeth Ann Beckett (1825-1899)Samuel Beckett (c1795-1827)Hannah Dalton (1793-1837)
Charles F. W. Behre (1841-1893)
Richard Bennett (1609-1675)Thomas Bennett (1570–1616)Antsie Tomson
Margaret Christina Blanch (1887-1964)Henry Blanch (1854-1918)Margaret Ryan (1859-1901)
Ethel Maud Bowden (1891-1986)George Bowden (1859-1943)Emma Jane May (1861-1947)
Elizabeth Bowerman (1838-1904)Solomon Bowerman (1816-1868)Elizabeth Lewis (1824-1891)
Lydia Bradford (1765-1836)Seth Bradford (1733-1807)Lydia Southworth (1738-1802)
... further results

96 Familypedia people died on August 6

 FatherMotherAge at death
Adonijah Alden (1791-1839)Timothy Alden (1770-1859)Lois Wilcox (1774-1851)48
ฺByron Harvey Allred (1847-1912)William Moore Allred (1819-1901)Orissa Angela Bates (1823-1878)65
Lucy Maud Amos (1848-1919)William Amos (1812-1895)Elizabeth Blanch (1821-1910)71
Catherine Bailey (1862-1936)Henry Bailey (1837-1920)Elizabeth Edwards (1837-1909)74
Agnes Jane Ball (1861-1929)Edward Ball (1834-1877)Ann Dornan (1842-1921)68
Johannes Nielsen Bang (c1858-1943)85
John Batchelder (1650-1684)John Batchelder (c1603-1675)Elizabeth Dickenson (1614-1675)34
Albert David Bauer (1938-2001)Donald Henry Bauer (1900-1962)Laurel J Glazier (1907-1999)63
Dulcie Joan Blackman (1922-2008)Edgar Charles Chiniquy Blackman (1879-1967)Letitia May Wales (1887-1961)86
Thomas Jefferson Blythe (1829-1907)Andrew Jackson Blythe (c1801-c1860)Elizabeth Jane Harris (c1808-c1870)78
Rupert Benjamin Boysworth (1881-1958)Robert Boysworth (c1860-)Mary Anne Unknown (c1860-)77
Evarilla Steele Brown (1846-1937)Aquilla Chauncey Brown (1819-1907)Nancy Steele (1822-1858)91
Mary Brown (1761-1844)83
Richard Butler (1600-1684)Stephen Butler (1575-1633)84
William Orlando Butler (1791-1880)Percival Butler (1760-1821)Mildred Hawkins (1763-1833)89
... further results

87 Familypedia people were first married on August 6

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Bond (1652-1690)William Bond (1625-1695)Sarah Biscoe (1626-1693)Hannah Coolidge (1656-1699)
Margaret Amanda Bush (1891-1981)Wilburn Harrison Bush, GeneralIda Roseline MageeFrederick "Fred" Voth
Gaston of Orléans (1608-1660)Henri IV de Bourbon (1553-1610)Marie de' Medici (1575-1642)Marie de Montpensier (1605-1627)+Marguerite de Lorraine (1615-1672)
William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire (1808-1891)William Cavendish (1783-1812)Louisa O'Callaghan (1779-1863)Blanche Georgiana Howard (1812-1840)
Elias Eaton Cheney (1793-1859)Ebenezer Cheney (1764-1832)Hannah Eaton (1761-1832)Lucy Fletcher (1803-)
Charlotte Isobel Clarke (1877-1953)Charles Hitchen Clarke (1851-1930)Mary Anne Smith (1851-1919)William Matcham Hornery (1870-1962)
Thomas Clayton (1793-1849)Thomas Clayton (1754-1829)Ellen Mayor (1754-1836)Ann Critchely (1793-1848)
James Collits (1806-1880)Pierce Briggington Collits (1763-1848)Mary Hardwick (1769-1841)Eleanor Leach (c1796-c1838)+Bridget Clifford (1806-1856)+Sophia Field (1807-1871)
James Nicholas Connor (1856-1936)Arthur Connor (1817-1862)Maria Flaherty (1821-1866)Johanna Jane Theresa Mylecharane (1860-1933)
Hannah Coolidge (1656-1699)John Coolidge (1628-1690)Hannah Livermore (1633-1678)John Bond (1652-1690)
John Cox (1823-1866)Samuel Bowthorpe Cox (1800-1853)Mary Ann Lucas (1805-1853)Mary Ann Field (1824-1853)+Mary Anne Lambert (1836)
Samuel Bowthorpe Cox (1800-1853)John Cox (1765-1848)Ann Brooks (1773-1837)Mary Ann Lucas (1805-1853)
Ann Critchely (1793-1848)John Critchley (1776-)Mary Sandiford (1772-1826)Thomas Clayton (1793-1849)
Francois Vincent Croteau (1795-1832)Prisque Vincent Croteau (1763-aft1812)Marie Catherine or Marguerite Morier (c1768-)Sophia Hebert (1790-1882)
Pieter Cruijff (1828-1862)Rijk Cruijff (1799-1873)Auckie Alberts (1797-1844)Maria Anna Stikvoort (1826-1888)
... further results

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