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August 8 is the 220th day of the year (221st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 145 days remaining until the end of the year.




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66 Familypedia people were born on August 8

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Nathaniel Andrews (1756-1834)Andrew Andrews (1719-1792)Elizabeth Dunbar (1729-1792)
Lionel Stanley Angel (1890-1949)Harkless Angel (1853-1931)Elizabeth Witt (1857-1932)
Elizabeth Wooster Baldwin (1824-1912)Roger Sherman Baldwin (1793-1863)Emily Pitkin Perkins (1796-1874)
Edward Franklin Bartholomew (1828-1891)Noyes Dana Bartholomew (1785-1869)Elizabeth Hall (1790-1869)
Catherine Best (1844-)William Thomas Best (1819-aft1881)Elizabeth Harper Smith (c1821-)
Jantje Blikkenhorst (1812-?)Hendrik Blikkenhorst (1782-?)Adriana Waterman (1782-?)
David Books (1832-1915)Alexander Books (c1786-1864)Margaret Grono (c1804-1878)
Elizabeth Botting (1675)Richard Botting (1631)Elizabeth Watson (bef1674)
Henry Boyle, 3rd Earl of Shannon (1771-1842)Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon (1728-1807)Catharine Ponsonby (1746-1827)
Darwin Azro Brink (1846-1927)William Brink (1812- )Polly Smith (1817- )
Ada Marie Chotková von Chotkov und Vojnín (1890-1939)Karel Maria Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1853-1926)Adelhaid Marie Therese zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1864-1937)
Caleb Church (1646-1722)Richard Church (1608-1668)Elizabeth Warren (1616-1670)
Welthy Ann Cobb (1753-1827)Gideon Cobb (1718-1798)Abigail Dyer (1718-1808)
Jane Cramp (1824-1903)Jury Cramp (1778-1849)Mary Ann Edmonds (1802-1870)
Beatrix Jane Craven (1844-1907)William Craven, 2nd Earl of Craven (1809-1866)Emily Mary Grimston (1815-1901)
... further results

100 Familypedia people died on August 8

 FatherMotherAge at death
Lydia Ackerman (1805-1881)Obadiah Ackerman (1780-1853)Saloma Lewis (1786-1883)76
Edna Earl Adams (1878-1952)Martin Franklin Adams (c1851-bef1884)Sarah Jane May (1848-c1909)
Frederick Alcock (1807-1869)Thomas Alcock (-)Martha Wilkinson (-)62
Walter Allen (1601-1681)80
Samuel Barnard (1737-1792)Samuel Barnard (1699-1762)Susanna Harrington (1711-1790)55
Margaret Beauchamp (c1410-1482)John Beauchamp (c1381-1412)Edith Stourton (c1394-1441)72
Samuel Bemis (1690-1776)John Bemis (1659-1732)Mary Harrington (1663-1716)86
Hebron Arthur Charles Bennett (1857-1935)Henry Tapus Bennett (1814-1876)Mary Unicomb (1830-1877)78
Frederick Augustus Berkeley, 5th Earl of Berkeley (1745-1810)Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (1716-1755)Elizabeth Drax (c1720-1792)65
Charles the Deaf (-1220)Bengt Snivil (c1110-c1180)Sigrid Lakman
Cornelis Bos (c1850-1883)Jan Bos (c1812-1855)Jantje Koedoder (c1815-aft1855)33
Patrick Reginald Boyle, 13th Earl of Cork (1910-1995)Reginald Courtenay Boyle (1877-1946)Violet Flower (1880-1974)85
Sarah Boylston (1642-1711)Thomas Boylston (1614-1653)Sarah Gilbert Morcock (1617-1673)69
Kenneth George Christie Brown (1902-1957)George Brown (1875-1953)Minnie Ethel Christie (1877-1918)55
George Canning (1770-1827)George Canning (c1736-1771)Mary Anne Costello (c1746-1827)57
... further results

66 Familypedia people were first married on August 8

 FatherMotherJoined with
Sarah Caroline Archer (1867-1913)Robert Archer (1848-1929)Caroline Cramp (1849-1929)James Laing (1859-1913)
Anna von Sachsen-Wittenberg (c1288-1327)Albrecht II. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1250-1298)Agnes von Habsburg (1257-1322)Friedrich von Meißen (1293-1315) +Heinrich II. zu Mecklenburg (1267-1329)
Gwendoline Theresa Mary Bertie (1885-1941)Montagu Arthur Bertie, 7th Earl of Abingdon (1836-1928)Gwendoline Mary Dormer (1867-1942)John Strange Spencer-Churchill (1880-1947)
Johannes Brama (1822-1882)Cornelis Brama (c1799-1866)Gerritje de Ridder (c1799-1849)Agnes Warmenhoven (c1824-)+Gerarda van Steen (1822-1893)
William Cecil (1521-1598)Richard Cecil (-1553)Jane Heckington (-1588)Mary Cheke (1522-1544)+Mildred Cooke (1524-1589)
Sarah Chapman (1848-1926)William George Chapman (1814-1883)Elizabeth Dark (c1821-1905)Moses Walker (1848-1936)
Henry May Crouch (c1849-1913)Henry Crouch (c1811-1886)Elizabeth Mary May (1817-1884)Eliza Eades (1854-1930)
Hermann Einstein (1847-1902)Abraham Einstein (1808-1868)Helene Moos (1814-1887)Pauline Koch (1858-1920)
Thomas Fane, 8th Earl of Westmorland (c1701-1771)Henry Fane (1669-1726)Anne Scrope (1673-1720)Elizabeth Swymmer (1708-1782)
Clarice Agnes Caroline Ford (1903-1989)James Henry Ford (1858-1949)Catherine Anne Johnstone (1862-1934)Alexander Joseph McIntosh (1899-1989)
Sylvester Charles Goslett (1906-1968)James Goslett (1861-1947)Clara Malvina Ann Blundell (1878-1951)Vivienne Ethel Blundell (1920-1991)
Cecil Kenneth Green (1914-1990)Thomas Alfred Green (1890-1921)Florence Maria Eldridge (1886-1967)Isabelle Elizabeth McFawn (1917-1964)
Emma Maria Greville (c1819-1902)Henry Francis Greville (1796-1864)Harriet Dorothea Despard (1800-1856)Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus (1817-1904)
Dorothy Harrison (1935-2006)Thomas Harrison (1904-1976)Elizabeth Mary Temple (1903-1991)Ronald John James Goldsmith (1931-2003)
Charles Wentworth George Howard (1814-1879)George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle (1773-1848)Georgiana Dorothy Cavendish (1783-1858)Mary Priscilla Harriet Parke (1822-1843)
... further results

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