Augusta Martin, the first child of Joseph Martin and the former Elise Mueller, was born on January 23, 1857 in Belleville, Illinois.

Between at least 1878 and 1882, Augusta and her immediate family lived at 2407 DeKalb Street in St. Louis. On February 22, 1884, she married Robert Osterkamp in St. Louis, and moved with Robert and his father, Hicke, to 1117 Soulard Street. Soon afterward, all three moved again to 1121 Soulard Street, and were joined there by Robert's brother Emil in 1888.

In the early 1890s, Robert and Augusta purchased a home at 2555 Benton Street. They had three children: Fred (1885), Walter (1888) and Cliff (1892). The family moved to 1807A N. Jefferson Avenue in about 1904; to 1707 Pendleton Avenue in about 1907; to 4212 Lucky in about 1911; and to 1218 N. Sarah Street in about 1912.

Augusta suffered the deaths of Robert on November 27, 1915 (from tuberculosis) and Walter on February 25, 1916 (probably also from tuberculosis). Within about a year later, she moved with Cliff to a rented home at 4044A Kennerly Avenue, where she would live for the rest of her life.

On November 7, 1923, at age 66, Augusta died at home of a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke. She also suffered from arteriosclerosis and chronic nephritis. She is buried at Gatewood Gardens Cemetery, formerly New Picker's Cemetery.

Family Edit


 Robert Osterkamp (1855-1915)


 Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
 Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)


 Fred Martin (1860-1912)


 Fred Osterkamp (1885-1947)
 Walter R. Osterkamp (1888-1916)
 Cliff Osterkamp (1892-1959)


 Sue McConnell (Osterkamp) (b. 1935)
 Waite Osterkamp (b. 1939)

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