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Augusta Schmidt (1883-1974) Housewife (b. October 18, 1883, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60631, USA - d. June 1974, Antioch, Lake County, Illinois, 60002, USA) Social Security Number 327288597.


Her siblings include: William Schmidt; Bertha Schmidt; Louise Schmidt; Ann Schmidt; and Clara Schmidt who married a Healy. All the sisters other than Clara never married and lived in the same household.


Augusta married Osborne Titaman Olsen (1883-1971) on June 03, 1905.


They had two children: Perry Olsen (1907-1974) who married Lavina Minnie Price (1909-1989); and Evelyn Olsen who married Wilbur Lamond (1912-1983).

Memories about Augusta SchmidtEdit

Suzanne Gobat Olsen (1935- ) says that Lavinia and Augusta didn't get along well and that caused the family to split apart.


She died in 1974 in Illinois.

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