Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Sex : Male
  • Born: Bef Month Day, 1805 on
  • Died: on at years
  • Interment: at



  • Sibling: Augustus Henry Griswold (Bef 1805-?)




When Dorothy and Stephen and four children at the time immigrated to the
US, the ship which they took was captained by Augustus Henry Griswold,
son of Roger Griswold, who had been a member of the House of
Representatives and Governor of Connecticut. Henry was taken with Mrs.
Sawyer's charm and graciousness and inquired if she had a sister. Well,
that was Elizabeth (1792), another older sister of your Stephen, and
Henry married her. I don't have any more details, except their burial
place, but they lived in Old Lyme. Dorothy and Stephen were going to
return to England but stopped in Connecticut and stayed a few years and
then were persuaded to take land in northern Ohio.

Date:Bef 1805

Death: Y

Event: Living -
Location:at Old Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States

partner: Elizabeth Lansdell (Bef 1791-?)
Marriage: :
Date:12 Aug 1820
Location:at Ninfield, Sussex, England, United Kingdom




  1. Ruth Selman

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