Augustus James Archambo
Sex: Male
Birth: 10 January 1829 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death: 19 February 1885 in Phoenix, New York
Burial: 21 February 1885 in Phoenix Rural Cemetery, Phoenix, New York
Spouse/Partner: Caroline Pratt (1833-1920)

There is an alternate birth year for Augustus: 1831.


Name Birth Death
Children of Augustus James Archambo and Caroline Pratt

Clarence E. Archambo 1876
New York
10 July 1943
Syracuse, New York

Arnes Archambo 2 August 1856
New York
September 1940
Phoenix, New York

Arthur James Archambo 19 April 1854
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
25 February 1897
Phoenix, New York

Augustus John Archambo 12 August 1860
New York
11 April 1923

Frank Charles Archambo 7 August 1858
New York
24 January 1939

Frederick Warren Archambo 20 September 1867
New York
26 February 1941
Miami, Florida

James Marjoque Archambo 9 April 1852
Fulton, New York
3 February 1925

Nellie Archambo


  • Alyssa Archambo: e-mail:

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