Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270)

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Béla IV Árpád of Hungary, King of Hungary, King of Croatia, Duke of Styria, was born 29 November 1206 to Andrew II of Hungary (c1177-1235) and Gertrud von Andechs (c1185-1213) and died 3 May 1270 of unspecified causes. He married Maria Laskarina (c1206-1270) 1218 . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Rurik (c832-879), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from France, Belarus, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Byzantine Empire, Italy.


Offspring of Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina (c1206-1270)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Kunigunda of Hungary (1224-1292) 5 March 1224 Esztergom, Hungary 24 July 1292 Bolesław V the Chaste of Poland (1226-1279)

Anna of Hungary (c1226-aft1271) 1226 1271 Rostislav Mikhailovich (aft1210-1262)

Elisabeth of Hungary (1236-1271) 1236 24 October 1271 Heinrich I. von Bayern (1235-1290)

Konstantia of Hungary (c1237-c1284) 1237 24 October 1271 Lev I of Galicia (c1228-c1301)

Stephen V of Hungary (bef1239-1272) 18 October 1239 Buda 6 August 1272 Csepel Island Elizabeth the Cuman (c1239-c1290)

Margaret of Hungary (1242-1271)
Ilona of Hungary (1244-aft1303) 1244 1303 Bolesław the Pious of Poznań (c1225-1279)

Béla of Slavonia (c1245-1269)
Szabina of Hungary (?-1280)

Namesakes of Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Béla I of Hungary (c1016-1063) Vazul (bef997-1037) Richeza of Poland (1013-1075) + Tuta von Formbach (c1030-aft1090)
Béla II of Hungary (c1110-1141) Álmos of Hungary (c1070-1127) Predslava of Kiev (c1085-aft1110) Helena of Raška (aft1109-aft1146)
Béla III of Hungary (1148-1196) Géza II of Hungary (c1130-1162) Euphrosyne of Kiev (c1130-c1193) Agnes of Antioch (1154-c1184) + Marguerite of France (1158-c1197)
Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270) Andrew II of Hungary (c1177-1235) Gertrud von Andechs (c1185-1213) Maria Laskarina (c1206-1270)

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