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Origin: Germany, France
Meaning: Strife, Battle, Archer
Variant(s): Baglin
de Baglion
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Name variantsEdit

The name Baglin has been around for millennia and the spelling has been "massacred" many times over in England and France. A common practice in centuries past when many people couldn’t spell their own names, as with many historic names, was to record the name as it was rendered phonetically. Hence, over time, variations in spelling are revealed.

  • Baglin started out as Boegl.
  • Baglin; a descendent name from Baguelin (meaning ‘fighter’) found more popularly in France from around Paris, westward.
  • Baglin; a descendent name from Boeglin, found primarily in Alsace, predominates in France eastward from Paris. Also found in Swiss records.
  • Baglin; established millennia in Gloucestershire, England, variants within the same families during the 17 century includes Baggland, Bagland and Baglan.
  • Baglan, a form of the name ‘Baglin’ found around Paris.
  • De Baglion, Baglion and Baglin; in 1420 an Italian family of the name of Baglioni established itself. They changed their name from Baglioni to Baglin and Baglion. The family still exists as de Baglion.
  • Boecklin, a name used by younger males of the Boeglin family. Means ‘Little Buck’ e.g. younger son(s) wanting some sort of distinction/recognition/independence from their elder brother(s)? Currently, "Boecklin" is a "stand-alone" name of record in the USA.

BAGLIN Meanings and OriginsEdit

According to the ‘Baglin Blazon of Arms’, Baglin is a patronym “The Descendant of (old French, diminutive suffix ‘-in’ or ‘-an’) Baga”, an old personal name meaning “strife, battle”.

Baglin, originally German Boegl, can also mean Archer (Bowman). Research by Thomas J Baglin suggests that at some point the Boegl's from Germany split in two. One branch stayed with the Franks (German) and went to France via the Rhine while the other section went into France and on to Normandy via the Vikings and subsequently into England with the Norman Conquest of 1066, after which Baglin's settled in Gloucestershire and in due time some of them became landowners and farmers.

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