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Four or more generations of descendants of Baldwin I of Flanders (c835-879) if they are properly linked:
1. Baldwin I of Flanders (c835-879)

2. Charles of Flanders (aft863-?)
2. Baldwin II of Flanders (c865-918)
3. Arnulf I of Flanders (c890-965)
4. Elftrude of Flanders (935-?)
5. Ardolf I de Guines (c966-aft996) (more)
4. Hildegard of Flanders (935-990)
5. Aarnout van Holland (951-993) (more)
5. Egbert von Trier (952-994) (more)
5. Erlindis van Holland (953-1012) (more)
5. Hildegarde van Holland (c961-) (more)
4. Egbert of Flanders (937-953)
4. Baldwin III of Flanders (940-962)
5. Arnulf II of Flanders (c960-988) (more)
4. Luitgard of Flanders (941-964)
5. Wichman van Hamaland (c957-c965) (more)
5. Liutgard van Hamaland (?-c989) (more)
5. Adela van Hamaland (c950-c1025) (more)
5. Theodorik van Gent (c956-) (more)
3. Adalulf of Flanders (c890-933)
4. Arnoul II de Boulogne (?-971)
5. Arnoul III de Boulogne (?-990) (more)
5. Mathilde de Boulogne (?-?) (more)
4. Baudouin de Boulogne (?-973)
3. Ealswid of Flanders (c865-?)
3. Ermentrud of Flanders (c869-896)
3. Albert of Flanders (?-977)
2. Gunhilda of Flanders (c865-?)
3. Sunifred of Urgel (878-948)
4. Gudinilde de Barcelone (c915-?)
5. Hugues de Rouergue (c930-c1010) (more)
4. Borrell II de Barcelone (c946-992)
5. Ramon Borrel de Barcelone (972-1017) (more)
5. Ermengol of Urgell (974-1010) (more)
5. Ermengarda de Barcelone (?-?) (more)
5. Richilda de Barcelone (?-?) (more)
5. Aldrie de Barcelone (?-?) (more)
5. Bonne de Barcelone (?-?) (more)
3. Wilfred II Borrell de Barcelone (c880-911)
4. Richilde de Barcelone (c905-962)
5. Matfred de Narbonne (aft933-aft991) (more)
2. Rodulf of Flanders (c869-896)

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