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Variant(s): Beingessner
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Individuals with that surname but no separate pageEdit

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World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Edit

  • Charles Albert Bangasser, 21 Apr 1876, White, Stephenson, Illinois
  • Frank Henry Bangasser, 9 Jun 1876, White, Murray, Minnesota
  • Joseph Micheal Bangasser, 15 Feb 1878 White, Stephenson, Illinois
  • Frederick Madison Bangasser, 20 Jul 1879, White, San Francisco, San Francisco, California
  • Harvey Louis Bangasser, 10 Jul 1880, White, Buffalo, Erie, New York
  • Fred Mike Bangasser, 30 Jul 1883, White, Burke, North Dakota
  • Fred Mike Bangasser, 30 Jul 1883, White, Burke, North Dakota
  • Edward Barnwell Bangasser, 29 Mar 1887 Caucasian (White), New York; Buffalo, Erie, New York
  • Frank Bangasser, 23 Jan 1887, Caucasian (White), New York; Buffalo, Erie, New York
  • Fred Joseph Bangasser, 21 Aug 1888, Caucasian (White), Illinois; Stephenson, Illinois
  • Albert George Bangasser, 7 Sep 1891, Caucasian (White), Illinois; Stephenson, Illinois
  • William Frank Bangasser, 11 Dec 1892, Caucasian (White), Illinois; Stephenson, Illinois
  • Edward William Bangasser, 4 Aug 1893, Caucasian (White), Geneva Township, Franklin, Iowa
  • Leo John Bangasser, 4 Aug 1894 Caucasian (White), Illinois; Stephenson, Illinois
  • Edwin Micheal Bangasser, 6 Jan 1898, White, Stephenson, Illinois
  • Edward Sylvester Bangasser, 12 Jan 1900, White, Minnehaha, South Dakota

California Marriage Index, 1960-1985Edit

  • Hugh F Bangasser, abt 1941, Lucy A Homans, 17 Dec 1972, San Mateo
  • Anne M Bangasser, abt 1958, Jerry L Ward, 26 Jan 1980, Los Angeles
  • Teresa J Bangasser, abt 1959, Paul E Viau, 4 Jun 1983, Los Angeles
  • Mary C Bangasser, abt 1960, Jose G Leon, 22 Dec 1984, Los Angeles
  • Thomas E Bangasser, abt 1961, Delia M Burgess, 22 Aug 1981, Los Angeles
  • Sharon L Bangasser, abt 1962, Edward E Mcmanus, 1 Sep 1984, Los Angeles

Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997Edit

Name: O Daniel Fredrick H Bangasser
Date of Birth: 10 Mar 1939
Gender: Male
Birth County: Hidalgo
Father's Name: Charles Bernard Bangasser
Mother's Name: Ruth Marie Esth Kloepping

See alsoEdit

  • Our Family History, compiled by Irene Doll, 1976.

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