(Duplicate ancestor tree retained temporarily). This older version of an ancestor tree was manually created showing common ancestor of Harry Truman, Barack Obama (1961), and Dick Cheney (1941). This shows the line of Barack Obama only.

Susan Overall (1849)
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famous relatives
Gabriella Clark (1877)
Christopher Clark (1846)
Ruth Armour (1900)
George ARMOUR (1850)
Harry Armour (1874)
Ann ARMOUR b. 1849 Missouri
Stanley Dunham (1918)
Jacob Mackey Dunham (1824)
Jacob William DUNHAM (1863)
Louisa Eliza STROUP (1837)
Ralph Dunham (1894)
Falmouth KEARNEY (1830) Ireland
Mary Ann KEARNEY ((1869)
Charlotte HOLLOWAY (1833)
Shirley Dunham (1942)
Benjamin T. PAYNE (1838)
Charles T. PAYNE (1861)
Eliza C. BLACK (1837)
Rolla Charles PAYNE (1892)
Robert WOLFLEY (1835)
Della WOLFLEY (1863)
Rachel ABBOTT (1836)
Madelyn Payne (c1922)
Harbin Wilburn MCCURRY (1823)
Thomas Creekmore MCCURRY (1850)
Elizabeth Edna CREEKMORE (1827)
Leona MCCURRY (1897)
Joseph J. WRIGHT (1819)
Margaret Wright (1869)
Frances ALLRED (1834)
Barack Obama (1961)
Obama, of Kendu Bay, Kenya
Onyango Obama (1895)
Barack Obama (1936)
Akumu Obama. (1926)

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