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Barbara Franqui was born 4 March 1976 in Miami, Dade County, Florida, United States to Jorje Barrionuevo (1940-) and Carmen Landin (1951-) . She married Manuel Jesus Franqui 4 December 2003 in Key West, Monroe County, Florida, United States.

Barbara's Fiance has a honorable discharge from the US NAVY he served the navy three years with a rank of E 3.

Barbara's son Luis Adrian Aguiar Graduated from Island Coast high school in North Fort Myers Florida on May 17, 2014.

Sources and notes

Ω Birth
  • Barbara Adriana Barrionuevo was born on March 4,1976 Mother Carmen Barrionuevo Born July16,1951 at Birth and Father Jorje Gustavo Barrionuevo born November 2,1940. These are the original parents of Barbara Adriana Barrionuevo at birth.

At age 18 Barbara had her first child named Luis Adrian Aguiar and at age 19 her second child Angel Luis Aguiar.

₪ Wedding
  • Barbara Adriana Barrionuevo got married to Manuel Jesus Franqui Key West Florida on December 4,2003.
  • By The Court In the State of Florida.


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