Barbara Simpson Arthurs (1769-1837)
Barbara Simpson Arthurs
Sex: Female
Birth: 1769
County Londonderry, Ireland
Death: March 5, 1837
Butler County, Pennsylvania
Spouse/Partner: John McQuiston (1767-1841)
Marriage: Ireland
Children: Joseph McQuiston (c1790-?)
Jane McQuiston (c1792-?)
William McQuiston (c1794-?)
Mary McQuiston (1795-1854)
John McQuiston II (c1798-?)
Margaret McQuiston (c1800-?)
Nancy McQuiston (c1802-?)
Sarah McQuiston (c1804-?)
Barbara McQuiston (c1806-?)
James McQuiston (c1806-?)
Elizabeth McQuiston (c1808-?)
Thomas McQuiston (c1810-?)

Barbara Simpson Arthurs (1769-1837), or possibly Barbara Simpson Arthur, was an Irish immigrant to Pennsylvania.


Barbara was born in 1769 in County Londonderry, Ireland. Irish naming conventions suggest that Barbara's parents may have been named William Arthur[1] and Jane Simpson (based on the names of Barbara's second son and first daughter). However, further research is necessary to substantiate or disprove such a speculative proposition.

Marriage to John McQuistonEdit

Barbara married John McQuiston (1767-1841) in Ireland.

Children by John McQuistonEdit


Barbara died March 5, 1837 in Butler County, Pennsylvania. She is buried in the South Cemetery of Butler.


  1. ^ Researcher Kevin Borland suggets that Barbara's surname was Arthur, rather than Arthurs, mainly because there were other people with the surname Arthur in Londonderry in the 1700s. Also, Barbara has a descendant named Simpson Arthur Borland (not Simpson Arthurs Borland).

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