Bartholomeus Molenbeek was born 16 January 1774 in Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands to Bart Molenbeek (1739-1799) and Aagje van de Water (1741-1796) and died 21 June 1820 in Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Hendrina van Tongeren (1774-1840) 4 April 1802 in Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Offspring of Bart Molenbeek and Hendrina van Tongeren (1774-1840)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pieter Cornelis Moolenbeek (1809-1881)
Arie Molenbeek (1815-?) 8 February 1815 Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands Elizabeth Cornelia van Leeuwen (1814-1903)

Namesakes of Bart Molenbeek (1774-1820)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Bart Molenbeek (1841-1865)Veenendaal, Utrecht, NetherlandsVeenendaal, Utrecht, NetherlandsArie Molenbeek (1815-)Elizabeth Cornelia van Leeuwen (1814-1903)Heintje Drost (1829-1909)
Bart Molenbeek (1774-1820)Rhenen, Utrecht, NetherlandsRhenen, Utrecht, NetherlandsBart Molenbeek (1739-1799)Aagje van de Water (1741-1796)Hendrina van Tongeren (1774-1840)
Bart Molenbeek (1739-1799)Tiel, Gelderland, NetherlandsRhenen, Utrecht, NetherlandsJan Molenbeek (1703-1772)Elizabeth Margrieta Brouwers (bef1713-?)Aagje van de Water (1741-1796)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • AWT:db: bergsmit, id: I6727 — no longer available

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