The Battle of Baesweiler, 22 August 1371, was a conflict between the dukes of Brabant and Jülich.

During this time, large groups of mercenaries roamed the lands of western Europe, bringing death wherever they came. After French mercenaries robbed a number of Brabantic merchants on the territory of William, Duke of Jülich, William refused to pay reparation to Wenceslaus I of Luxembourg, husband of the Duchess of Brabant, let alone punish the mercenaries, instead protecting them and even hiring some.

Wenceslas prepared his forces tried to attack the Duke of Jülich. William however sought help from his brother in law, Eduard I, Duke of Guelders.

On August 22, the armies met near the town of Baesweiler north of Aachen. As the battle progressed it seemed the Duke of Brabant was victorious, but then the troops of the Duke of Guelders appeared on the battlefield and the Brabantic troops were repulsed. The battle ended with the capture of the Duke of Brabant and the Marquis of Namur and the death of the Duke of Guelders.


 FatherMotherDeath dateAge at death
Guy I de Ligny (c1340-1371)Jean I de Ligny (c1300-1364)Alix de Dampierre (-1346)1371 JL31
Eduard van Gelre (1336-1371)Reinoud II van Gelre (c1295-1343)Eleanor of England (1318-1355)22 August 1371 JL35
Battle of Baesweiler military event 2

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