The Battle of Crécy was an English victory against a larger French army in the Hundred Years' War. The battle occurred on 26 August 1346 in northern France. An Anglo-Welsh army of 9,000-10,000 commanded by Edward III of England and heavily outnumbered by Philip VI of France's force of 35,000-100,000, was victorious as a result of superior weaponry and tactics, demonstrating the importance of the modern military concept of fire power. The effectiveness of the English longbow, used en masse, was proven against armoured knights, contrary to the conventional wisdom of the day which held that archers would be ineffective and be butchered when the armoured units closed in.


 FatherMotherDeath dateAge at death
Charles II d'Alençon (1297-1346)Charles de Valois (1270-1325)Marguerite d'Anjou et Maine (1274-1299)26 August 1346 JL49
Louis of Flanders (1304-1346)Louis of Nevers (-1322)Jeanne de Rethel (c1276-1328)26 August 1346 JL42
Raoul de Lorraine (1320-1346)Ferry IV de Lorraine (1282-1329)Elisabeth von Habsburg (c1285-1352)26 August 1346 JL26
Jean V de Roucy (c1280-1346)Jean IV de Roucy (c1260-1302)Jeanne de Dreux (c1267-1325)26 August 1346 JL66
Enguerrand VI de Coucy (1313-1346)Guillaume I de Coucy (1288-1335)Isabelle de Châtillon (c1300-1360)26 August 1346 JL33
Johann von Luxemburg (1296-1346)Heinrich VII von Luxemburg (c1278-1313)Margaretha van Brabant (1276-1311)26 August 1346 JL50
Simon I. von Salm (c1290-c1346)Johann I. von Salm (c1264-c1328)Jeanne de Geneville26 August 1346 JL56
Battle of Crécy military event 7

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