The Battle of Thuin took place on 11 November 1048. Gothelo I, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine, died in 1044 and was succeeded by his son Godfrey II in Upper Lorraine but was refused Lower Lorraine. Godfrey rebelled in that same year and devastated Lower Lorraine. He was soon defeated and Adalbert named in his place in Upper Lorraine. Godfrey, however, continued to fight for all Lorraine and Adalbert died in battle against him at Thuin on 11 November 1148. Adalbert was succeeded by his younger brother Gerard.


 FatherMotherDeath dateAge at death
Adalbert de Lorraine (c1000-1048)Gerard III de Lorraine (c970-c1045)Gisela de Bar (?-?)11 November 1048 JL48
Battle of Thuin military event 1

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