Beatrice Regina della Scala (c1331-1384)

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Beatrice Regina della Scala was born circa 1331 in Verona, Italy to Mastino II della Scala (1308-1351) and Taddea da Carrara (c1304) and died 18 June 1384 in Milan, Italy of unspecified causes. She married Bernabò Visconti (1323-1385) 27 September 1350 JL in Verona, Italy.


Offspring of Bernabò Visconti and Beatrice Regina della Scala (c1331-1384)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Taddea Visconti (c1351-1381) 1351 Milan, Italy 28 September 1381 Stephan III. von Bayern-Ingolstadt (c1337-1413)

Viridis Visconti (c1352-1414) 1352 11 March 1414 Leopold III. von Habsburg (1351-1386)

Marco Visconti (1353-1382)
Ludovico Visconti (1355-1404)
Valentina Visconti (1357-1393)
Rodolfo Visconti (1358-1389)
Carlo Visconti (1359-1403) November 1359 August 1403 Béatrix d'Armagnac (c1367-1410)

Antonia Visconti (1360-1405) 1360 Milan, Italy 26 March 1405 Stuttgart, Germany Eberhard III. von Württemberg (1364-1417)

Caterina Visconti (1361-1404) 1361 Milan, Italy 17 October 1404 Monza, Italy Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1351-1402)

Agnese Visconti (c1362-1391)
Maddalena Visconti (c1366-1404) 1366 Milan, Italy 24 August 1404 Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany Frederick II. von Bayern-Landshut (1339-1393)

Gianmastino Visconti (1370-1405)
Lucia Visconti (c1372-1424) 1372 Italy 14 April 1424 England, United Kingdom Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent (1383-1408)

Elisabetta Visconti (c1374-1432) 1374 Milano, Italy 2 February 1432 Munich, Germany Ernst von Bayern-München (1373-1438)

Anglesia Visconti (c1377-1439) 1377 Milan, Italy 12 October 1439 Reggio Emilia, Italy Jean II de Lusignan (1375-1432)

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