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Variant(s): Baudet
Motto: "Un nom qui nous unit" . A name that unites us.
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Beaudet is a surname derived from the name Baudet. For more details on this family see the link below.

Coat of armsEdit

  • Coat : Red, draped with a sky-blue ribbon showing four silver fish and a (Fleur-de-lis). At the upper left hand corner four sheaths of wheat placed in a row. At the lower right hand corner a gold castle with red masonry.
  • Crest : A piece of twine composed of red and gold.
  • Interpretation :
    The red, the gold and the castle relate to the coat of arms of Poitou, the place of origin of our ancestor Jean Baudet.
    The band of azure blue reminds us of the Atlantic Ocean and the St-Lawrence River. The Fleur de lys represents France and New France.
    The four fish and the four sheafs of wheat represent our ancestors’ four sons, Charles, Jean-Baptiste, Michel and Jacques who were farmers and fishermen.
  • Motto: "Un nom qui nous unit" . A name that unites us. This was added on after our annual meeting of September 2001 after a suggestion by Alain Beaudet and Nathalie Gauthier.


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