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Bennett Tomerlin was born February 1834 in Howard County, Missouri, United States to James M. Tomerlin (1804-1854) and Frances Unknown . He married Miranda Neill (1837-aft1900) . Ancestors are from the United States.

Vital statistics



Bennett son of James M. Tomerlin (1804-1854) (and Frances ? (?-?); see maternal pedigree below) son of Freeman Tomerlin (1771-1830) son of Moses Tomerlin (1740-1815)


son of Frances ? (?-?) (and James M. Tomerlin (1804-1854); see below) daughter of ? (?-?)


Offspring of James Tomerlin and Frances Unknown
Name Birth Death Joined with
George Washington Tomerlin (c1832-)
Bennett T. Tomerlin (1834-aft1900) February 1834 Howard County, Missouri, United States Miranda Neill (1837-aft1900)

William Jeffers Tomerlin (c1836-)
Sara Louisa Tomerlin (c1838-)
Allen R. Tomerlin (c1840-)
Elizabeth Tomerlin (c1842-)
Hiram Baker Tomerlin (c1844-)
H. Frances Tomerlin (c1846-)


Offspring of Bennett Tomerlin and Miranda Neill (1837-aft1900)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert Tomerlin (c1854-)
Martin Cunningham Tomerlin (1856-1937) 13 November 1856 Luling, Caldwell County, Texas, United States 26 May 1937 Bexar County, Texas, United States Leona Daniels (c1856-)

Sara Ann Tomerlin (c1858-)
Catherine Tomerlin (c1860-)
George Washington Tomerlin (c1862-)
James Madison Tomerlin (c1864-)
Harriett Tomerlin (c1866-)
Melissa Tomerlin (c1868-)

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Sources and notes

¢ Children
  • The approximate birth years are guesstimates.


  Mdtomerlin, Thurstan, Robin Patterson

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