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  • Born: __ September 1825, Grafshaft-Bentheim, Prussia
  • Died: 1873 (varying accounts of his death)
  • One of his grandchildren reports that Berend Hendrik's death is that he was working as a ditchdigger in Uelsen, had a heart attack, and fell face-down into a ditch he was digging and drowned in the rainwater that had collected there.
  • Another grandchild claims that Berend Hendrik was working in his backyard garden in Halle, Hanover and had a fatal heart attack.


Note: In the marriage of Berend Hendrik's parents, the surname of the mother was taken by the father as a condition of the land dowry given by Swenne's parents. If he accepted Wever land, he had to take the Wever name. This was a fairly common practice in Grafschaft-Bentheim.



  1. Berend Henrije Wever (1853-1931)
  2. Wilhelmina Wever (1856-1933)
  3. Swenna Wever (1860-1935)
  4. Derk Wever (1861-1936)
  5. Jan Hendrik Wever (1863-1906)
  6. Harm Wever (1865-1865)
  7. Harm Wever (1866-1948)
  8. Hendrik Jan (1869-1947)

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