Bernard I de Saint-Valery (c947-?)
Gautier de Saint-Valery (c977-?)
Emma (c950-)
Bernard II de Saint-Valery (c1005-1066)
Richard I, Duke of Normandy (933-996)
Pappa of Normandy (c990-?)
Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy (c936-1031)
Gauthier de Saint-Valery (1064-1112)
Eleanor de Dammartin (c1008-?)
Bernard III de Saint-Valéry (1087-1158)
Thibault de Montlhery (c957-?)
Gui I de Montlhery (c1009-1095)
?, Dame du Chevereuse
Elizabeth de Montlhery (c1040-)
Hodierne de Gometz-la-Ferte (c1014-?)

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