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Bernard Billung von Haldensleben, Margrave of the Nordmark, was born on an unknown date to Dietrich von Haldensleben (?-985) and Unknown von Walbeck (-) and died 1018 of unspecified causes. He married Unknown von Orlamünde (-) . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from France, Belgium, Germany.

Genealogie Mittelalter lists three daughters (Oda, Mathilde, and Thietberga), whose fate is unknown, and who have the same names as Bernhard's sisters (according to German Wikipedia). Daughter Othilde may have been a daughter of Bernhard von Sachsen.

Genealogie Mittelalter has Bernhard's grandsons (through his son Bernhard) as his son. This is unlikely as they would have fallen in combat at the age of 70.


Offspring of Dietrich Billung and Unknown von Walbeck (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Oda von Haldensleben (c962-1023) 962 1023 Mieszko I of Poland (c932-992)

Mathilde von Haldensleben (?-?)
Othelhulde von Haldensleben (?-1020) 1020
Bernhard von Haldensleben (-aft1018) 1018 Unknown von Orlamünde (-)

Thietberga von Haldensleben (?-?) Dedo I. von Wettin (c960-1009)


Offspring of Bernhard von Haldensleben and Unknown von Orlamünde (-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Othilde von Sachsen (c989-1044) 989 31 March 1044 Quedlinburg Dirk III van Holland (c983-1039)

Bernhard II. von Haldensleben (c990-c1046) 990 1046 Unknown von Kiev (?-?)

Namesakes of Bernhard von Haldensleben (-aft1018)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Bernhard von Sachsen (c1071-c1091)LüneburgOrdulf von Sachsen (1022-1072)Gertrude von Haldensleben (-1116)
Bernhard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)CorveyHermann Billung (c906-973)Oda (?-?)Hildegard von Stade (aft965-1011) (.nl)
Bernhard II von Sachsen (990-1059)Bernhard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)Hildegard von Stade (aft965-1011) (.nl)Eilika von Schweinfurt (1000-1059)
Bernhard von Haldensleben (-aft1018)Dietrich von Haldensleben (?-985)Unknown von Walbeck (-)Unknown von Orlamünde (-)
Bernhard II. von Haldensleben (c990-c1046)Bernhard von Haldensleben (-aft1018)Unknown von Orlamünde (?-?)Unknown von Kiev (?-?)

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