Anton restored

Förste Banmästaren, Bernt Anton Ohlsson (birth record lists him as Bernt Anton, gravestone as Berndt Anton), son of Olof Eliasson (aka Ole Eliasen Meråkernaes) and Karin Nielsdatter Sandnæss, was born 27 Aug 1878 in Medstugan, Åre, Jämtland, Sweden, and died 21 Dec 1952 in Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden. He married Julia Kristina Karlsson 27 Feb 1904 in Älvsbyn, Norrbotten, Sweden, daughter of Jonas Karlsson and Kristina Tand. Bernt was Banmästare for the Swedish Railroad in Norrbotten - 1904-1910 in Stordalen between Kiruna and the Norwegian border near Narvik and later in Morjärv, from Haparanda on the Finnish border to Boden. After retirement, he and his wife Julia settled in Umeå. Bernt and Julia had 5 children: 1 - Olga Ingeborg Carola Ohlsson (teacher) b: 26 Feb 1905 Älvsbyn, Norrbotten, Sweden d: 5 Apr 2001 of Morjärv, Norrbotten, Sweden (husband - John Bergström b: 1906 Morjärv, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden d: Jun 1985 Morjärv, Norrbotten, Sweden 2 - Olof Karl Holger Ohlsson (mail bus driver) b: 18 Apr 1906 Stordalen, Jukkasjärvi, Norbotten, Sweden d: 9 Mar 1998 Kalix, Norrbotten, Sweden (wife - Signe Maria Wikström b: 13 Jul 1896 Rånbyn, Råneå, Norrbotten, Sweden d: May 1991 Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden 3 - Karin Hild Kristina Ohlsson (Nurse) b: 9 Oct 1907 Stordalen, Jukkasjärvi, Norbotten, Sweden d: 2 Feb 2000 Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden (unmarried) 4 - John Erich Gustav Ohlsson (carpenter & miner) b: 28 Mar 1909 Stordalen, Jukkasjärvi, Norrbotten, Sweden d: 10 Feb 2004 ICMC, Crystal Falls, Iron, MI (wife - Elin Soderquist b: 25 Dec 1913 Soderquist Farm, Bates Twp., Iron, MI d: 7 Jul 2001 ICMC, Crystal Falls, Iron, MI) 5 - Nils Anton Birger Ohlsson Fergell (Banmästare & engineer for Stockholm subway system) b: 17 Jan 1911 Morjärv, Norrbotten, Sweden d: 7 Nov 2007 Stockholm, Sweden (1st wife - Judit Syrena Forslund b: 5 Mar 1913 Töre, Norrbotten, Sweden d: 27 May 1955 Stockholm, Sweden) (2nd Wife - Hildur Lindström b: 27 Dec 1912 Renholmen, Byske, Västerbotten, Sweden d: 4 Oct 2002 Stockholm, Sweden)

Anton - cropped - without stationmaster




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