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Shortened version of BEVERIDGE of Suffolk England (variants Beuerage 1235, Beverage 1292, Bevereche 1303, Beverich 1327, Beuerich 1327, Berych 1504, Beverych 1534) and Norwich (Beverege 1404, Beveryche 1410, Beverich 1419, Beveridge 18th century).

Form BEVEGE first used by Jeremiah Bevege of Colgate of Norwich, later of Brighton Sussex and is the form used since then by his descendants. Jeremiah was the younger son whose elder brother inherited the family estate and was known as "Squire" Beveridge. Jeremiah learned the coach-building trade in Norwich and moved to moved to Brighton Sussex, where his first son George was born in November 1811 and Christened as George BEVEGE. Jeremiah's second son James also used this variant which has been maintained by their descendants to the present. However various misspellings occur in official records and publications, mostly as Bevage. (for history of BEVEGE and Beveridge, see "The Story of the Beveridge Families of England and Scotland" by Sidney A Beveridge, Mclaren & Co Melbourne 1923.)

Individuals with that surname but no separate pageEdit

1. Jeremiah Bevege, issue (5s 3d):

2. George Bevege (1811-1870) b.November 1811 Brighton England, d. 9 May 1870, Tamworth NSW. Issue of George and Mary Ann Hurst:
3. George James Bevege (1851-1922) b 17 August 1851, Tamworth NSW, d.Sydney NSW 16 November 1922. Issue (4s 2d) of George James and Sophia Farlow:
4. Mary Bevege (1880)
4. Ellen Maria Bevege (1883-c1964)
4. Albert W Bevege (1885-1933)
4. Edward Montague Bevege (1886-1942) b.28 June 1886 Walgett NSW, d. Sydney 27 January 1942. Issue (1s 2d)of Edward Montague and Barbara Matilda Klinge:
5. Edward Alfred Bevege (1909-1994) b. 8 August 1909 Moree NSW, d.27 May 1994 Redcliffe Queensland. Issue of Edward Alfred and Ellen Florence Butler:
6. Ruth Helen Bevege b. Brisbane Queensland 11 January 1936
6. David Ian Bevege b. Brisbane Queensland 29 March 1939. Issue of David Ian and Valerie Mae Ferris (nee Edmonds):
7. Louisa Lyndal Bevege b.14 April 1973 Brisbane Queensland
7. Peter Ian Bevege b.1 January 1977 Brisbane Queensland
7. Phillip Michael Bevege b. 22 May 1979 Brisbane Queensland
6. Neil Edward Bevege b. Brisbane Queensland 12 March 1941
4. Arthur Bevege (1889-1937)
4. Elvina Bevege (1899-c1980)
3. Alfred Augustus Bevege (c1856-1929). Issue of Alfred Augustus Bevege and Lucy Ann Badkin:
4. Alfred Charles Bevege (c1877-1953)
4. Harry Leslie Bevege (c1881-1919)
4. Elsie Bevege (c1883-c1884)
4. Hilda May Bevege (c1880)
4. Sydney H Bevege (c1885-c1885)
4. Clarence Bevege (c1888-c1956)
2. James Bevege b. 19 October 1828 Norwich England, d. New Zealand

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