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Date:1 Oct 1935

Date:11 Jun 1937
Location:at Crookwell District, New South Wales, Australia
Cause:Secoind degree burns
Notes: Crookwell Gazette
June 23 , 1937
Coroner's Inquiry
Inquiry held into the death of BEVERLY CRAMP, aged 20 months, daughter of Mr and Mrs Cecil Cramp, at the District Hospital on June 11, 1937. The Child was scalded by upsetting a saucepan of boiling water. Dr Burns said he found 2nd degree burns. She also suffered shock. She was conveyed to hospital and admitted at 5.30 pm. Secondary shock had set in about 5pm and in spite of prompt treatment she died at 7.45 pm.
Mrs Florence Cramp, mother, was sitting with her married daughter in front of the fire. A saucepan of potatoes was on the fire. Beverly tripped on a mat and knocked the handle of the saucepan. The mother put olive oil on the burn.
Verdict ; death due to burns and shock.




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