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Jan. 1, 2009

(I have condensed the known descendants of James Bird by indenting each generation. I descend from C. Franklin L. You can correspond with me at

James Bird mar. Cynthia “Annie” Osborn Bird

James S. mar. Sarah Fisher
John S. (1824-1915)mar. 8.19.1847 Rachel Ann Potter
Emanuel Sharpless mar. Olive A. Newberry
Lillia Luellah (1971- ) mar ___ Bordner
Wm. “John” never married.(1873-1947)
Charles H. (1874-1950) mar. Carrie
Jenny May (1876-1941) mar. Henry W. Hassinger
James Wesley(1878-1946)Cla”rin”da C. Mertz had ch.
Susan R.(1880-1948) mar. Frank D. Hassinger
Levi Sterner(1881-1948) mar. Bertha May Haddon
Franklin Levi (1906-1960) mar. Bertha “Mae” Kauwell (1906-dead)

Had 3 daughters; 2 living (desc.Virginia Lee Bird mar. & div. Robert Jones)

Rbt. Burns (1907- ) mar. Gladys Keiser had 2 dau. - one living
Wm. Harold (1909-1973) mar. Ruth Swimelar has son & 2 dau.
Betty Jane ( -died)mar. & has living son, dau & son (all mar.)
Ruth Mgt.(1910-1995) mar. Wm. H. Hockenbrock
Living dau. mar.

2. Living dau. mar. & has 3 - living Son, daughter mar., son mar. 3. Living son mar. & has a living dau. C. John Wilson (1911-1993) mar. Edna M. Scott & 2m-Midred Shay

             C. Charles David(1921-died) mar. & has 2 living dau.(both mar.)
             C. Carl Elwood(1925-1986) mar. & has son & dau. (both living)

C.1.1.8 Emanuel S. Bird Jr. (1883-1884) C.1.1.9 Franklin Shuman(1884-1950) mar. Mary Emma Slack Adopted Mildred mar & div’d. & have living daughter C.1.2 James C.1.3 Kersey C.1.4 Ransler Brown (1859-1929) mar. Emma Shannon C.1.5 Levi C.1.6 Martin B. (ca 1870- )mar. Alice H. Keim C.1.7 Charity ( ca. 1876- )

  D. Wm. mar Margarite Moyer
  E. Sylvanus & Lena Teitsworth (d/o Robt.)
  F. Ziba mar. Hannah Metz/Mentz  2m. Eliz. Farley 3m. Margaret Mutchler
  G. Susan/Susanna mar. Wm. Kimball
  H. Sarah mar. ___ Scott
  I. Rachael mar. Jacob Shipman
  J. Nancy.Hannah mar. James VanZant

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