This is a summary of data concerning the Houston Surname in Blount County Parental data is inferred from examination of family lineages on Ancestry and other sources. As such, the relationships shown may or may not be accurate.

Groom Father Mother Bride Father Mother Date
Houston James Gillespie Mary 6 Oct 1796
Gillespie Robert Houston Betsy 7 Feb 1799
Gillespie John Houston Patsey 7 Feb 1799
Cowan Samuel Houston Jane 18 Jul 1810
Mcneeley James Houston Betsy 14 Jul 1812
Goliher James Houston Lucinda C 4 Dec 1816
Bennett Haywood G Houston Esther L 13 Nov 1816
Houston James Houston Ann 17 Oct 1816
Cowan Andrew Houston Esther F 25 Sep 1816
Houston John Gillespie Patsy 16 Oct 1817
Mitchell Hezekiah Houston Mary D 18 Mar 1819
Davis Allen W Houston Mary 7 Mar 1820
Moore Saml A Houston Eliza Ann 21 Jul 1821
Houston Matthew M Gillespie Mary 29 Nov 1821
Houston Mathew C Gillespie Esther H 8 Aug 1822
Montgomery Andrew C Houston Ann M 24 Oct 1822
Eakin John Houston Margaret 11 Mar 1823
Tedford Robert Houston Phoebe M 10 Aug 1825
Lowery Wm Houston Hetty 13 Dec 1825
Houston Samuel Huchison Ann 15 Feb 1825
Houston Robert F Gillespie Ann 13 Apr 1826
Houston Robert Creswell Dorothy 9 Aug 1826
Patrick Hillery Houston Mary 28 Jul 1826
Houston John White Ann G 16 Jul 1829
Nichols Edward H Houston Hetty 17 Feb 1831
Young Thomas J Houston Rebeckah R 21 Jul 1831
Houston John Wilson Elinor 17 Dec 1835
Tedford Ralph E Houston Malinda G 12 Apr 1836
Anderson William Houston Jane 11 Oct 1836
Houston Joseph B Cusick Huldah D 6 Dec 1837
Houston John C Duncan Elivia C 28 Dec 1841
Craig John S Houston Sidney N 13 May 1841
Means Beard H Houston Betsy Ann 2 Feb 1843
Pickens Robert Houston Elizabeth R 20 Dec 1846
Griffetts John Jr Houston Phebe M 24 Nov 1846
McMurry Samuel H Houston Harriet 4 Dec 1855
Houston P P Steele Sarah W 4 Nov 1856
Houston J A McReynolds Mary J 16 Sep 1856
McClung James H Houston Rachel L 25 Nov 1858

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