William Boreland GraveEdit

William Boreland of Land Head (1747-1801) is buried in the Ballymoney graveyard. William is also listed on the 1790 electoral register.

John BorelandEdit

William's son John (b. circa 1791) is also buried in the Ballymoney graveyard.

William BorelandEdit

A William Boreland was listed as a resident of Landhead in the 1856 Griffith's Valuation of Ireland. This is likely William Boreland (b. circa 1795) that married Ann McElderry. They had two known children, Jean Boreland (b. 18 May 1819) and William Boreland (b. 22 Apr 1821). The William Boreland in the Valuation may also be the younger William Boreland.

Alexander BorelandEdit

  • Alexander Boreland (b. circa 1795, m. Charlotte Neill, arrival Ontario, Canada)
    • Thomas Boreland
    • William Boreland
    • John Boreland
    • Jenny Boreland
    • Robert Boreland
    • Paul Boreland
    • Lyle Boreland
    • Mary Boreland

Robert BorelandEdit

  • Robert Boreland (b. circa 1795, m. Jean Cochran, arrival Ontario, Canada)
    • William Boreland
    • John Boreland
    • Charlotte Boreland
    • James Boreland
    • Elizabeth Boreland

Elizabeth (Boreland) FinlayEdit

  • Elizabeth Boreland of Land Head (b. circa 1795, niece of William Brady of Cuppadale, m. Gawn Finlay)
    • John Borland Finlay (b. 13 Feb 1826 Moneyneagh, Loughgiel, Antrim)

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