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This page is partly experimental but should have some value to searchers. Its purpose includes listing pages where "Cornwall" is shown as the "birth nation-subdiv1" (instead of "birth county"). Until our forms and other instruction pages succeed in encouraging all users to treat the United Kingdom as a nation, containing four "states" (technically "nation-subdiv1"!!), with counties at the third level, there may be a growing number of entries in the first group, and the creators of SMW pages about Cornwall will need to be aware that some pages that should be included will have some data in the wrong property box.

The column for "birth county" in the first group will show which pages can be most easily edited to correct (i.e. those where it is blank).

The column for "birth nation" in the second group will show which pages have not had "United Kingdom" specified and should therefore be edited so as to give more complete results for any query involving the UK.

Note that columns are sortable using the triangle icons; if there are dozens, and you have clicked on "further results", click the "500" option to see as many as possible and make the sorting most useful.

"Cornwall" shown (incorrectly) as "birth nation-subdiv1"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Birth nation Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
James Mankey (1783-1856) Mankey 1,783 Meneage United Kingdom Elizabeth Peters (-c1853) 1,856 Gawler, South Australia

"Cornwall" shown (correctly) as "birth county"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth nation-subdiv1 Birth nation Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
John Couch Adams (1819-1892) Adams 1,819 Laneast England United Kingdom Eliza Bruce (1827-1919) 1,892 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
William Andrews (c1844-1928) Andrews 1,844 England United Kingdom Ellen Hillier (1852-1923) 1,928 Smithfield, South Australia
John Barret (1562-1644) Barret 1,562 St. Tudy England United Kingdom Jenor Wallacomb (1560-1658) 1,644 Norwich Norfolk
Thomas Ascott Bassett (1844-1916) Bassett 1,844 Bridgerule England United Kingdom Caroline Amelia Beaumont (1845-1895) Matilda Wrixon Large (1855-1933) 1,916 Hay, New South Wales
Amy Vera Bennett (1912-2008) Bennett 1,912 Camborne England United Kingdom Edwin William C Peggs (1915-1994) 2,008 Camborne Cornwall
Bertie Bennett (1904-1925) Bennett 1,904 Hayle England United Kingdom 1,925 Detroit
Eileen May Bennett (1900-1962) Bennett 1,900 Hayle England United Kingdom Reginald Parnell 1,962 Camborne Cornwall
Freda Louise Bennett (1914-1975) Bennett 1,914 Camborne England United Kingdom William Tonkin 1,975 Camborne Cornwall
Gwendoline Bennett (1902-1990) Bennett 1,902 Hayle England United Kingdom James Colin Pellow (1902-1970) 1,990 Goldsithney Cornwall
Irving Bennett (1906-2001) Bennett 1,906 Camborne England United Kingdom Gwendoline James (1911-2001) 2,001 Carbis Bay Cornwall
William Henry Bennett (1873-1940) Bennett 1,873 Fraddam England United Kingdom Amy Charles Wearne (1872-1914) 1,940 Camborne Cornwall
William Henry Bennett (1850-1915) Bennett 1,850 Callington, Cornwall England United Kingdom Emily Roberts (1837-1933) 1,915 Hayle Cornwall
William Henry Bennett (1897-1984) Bennett 1,897 Hayle England United Kingdom Winifred Green 1,984 Camborne Cornwall
John Billing (1846-1896) Billing 1,846 England United Kingdom Anne Marie Broster (1848-1898) 1,896 Angle Vale, South Australia
Ann Binney (1778-1859) Binney 1,778 Lezant England United Kingdom Joseph Medlin (1773-1853) 1,859 Launceston, Cornwall Cornwall
William Bligh (1754-1817) Bligh 1,754 St Tudy England United Kingdom Elizabeth Betham (c1753-1812) 1,817 London
William Burless (1830-1917) Burless 1,830 England United Kingdom Emmeline Vidler (1832-1912) 1,917 Manly, New South Wales
William John (Ben) Caddy (c1858-c1952) Caddy 1,858 Launceston, Cornwall England United Kingdom Sarah Annie Haddy (1857) 1,952
William Chapman (1827-1899) Chapman 1,827 England United Kingdom Elizabeth Channell (1835-1915) 1,899 Lower Tarcutta, New South Wales
Alice Charles (1797-1883) Charles 1,797 St Keverne England United Kingdom William Roberts (1794-1875) 1,883 Phillack Cornwall
Mary Ann Chegwidden (1876-1944) Chegwidden 1,876 Crantock England United Kingdom Arthur Charles Clarence Leer (1880-1944) 1,944 Marrickville, New South Wales
Ann Benny Goard Chivell (c1831-1864) Chivell 1,831 England United Kingdom William Henry Pederick (c1830-1904) 1,864 Gawler River
Elizabeth Chivell (c1829-1893) Chivell 1,829 England United Kingdom George Broster (1823-1901) 1,893 Peachey Belt
James Chivell (c1821-1893) Chivell 1,821 St Agnes, Cornwall England United Kingdom Ann Whitfield (c1831-1924) 1,893 Salisbury, South Australia
Joseph Chivell (c1822-1889) Chivell 1,822 England United Kingdom Jane Maria White (c1823-1886) Jane Piper (1826-1895) 1,889 Peachey Belt
Joseph Chivell (c1798-1855) Chivell 1,798 St Agnes, Cornwall England United Kingdom Ann Bennie Goard (1800-1880) 1,855 Salisbury, South Australia
Mary Jane Chivell (1836-1910) Chivell 1,836 England United Kingdom William Jose (c1827-1907) 1,910 Glenelg, South Australia
Matilda Chivell (c1838-1903) Chivell 1,838 St Agnes, Cornwall England United Kingdom George Worden (1837-1887) 1,903 Penfield, South Australia
Samuel Chivell (c1832-1880) Chivell 1,832 England United Kingdom Mary Ann White (c1831-1854) Elizabeth Jury (c1834-1921) 1,880 Mallala, South Australia
William Chivell (c1825-1882) Chivell 1,825 St Agnes, Cornwall England United Kingdom Eliza White (c1829-1878) 1,882 Peachey Belt
Petherick Tamblyn Crago (1833-1907) Crago 1,833 Liskeard England United Kingdom Ann Stephens (c1839-1919) 1,907 Bathurst, New South Wales
Ada Gwendolyn Curtis (1892-1980) Curtis 1,892 England United Kingdom Francis Tolfree Robinson (1887-1970) 1,980 Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Henry Dangar (1796-1861) Dangar 1,796 St Neot, Cornwall England United Kingdom Grace Sibley (c1801-1869) 1,861 Potts Point, New South Wales
Edward Edwards (1631-1672) Edwards 1,631 England United Kingdom Phillipa Worden (1628-1707) 1,672 St Just in Penwith Cornwall
Jane Kinsman Ellis (1821-1904) Ellis 1,821 Calstock England United Kingdom Richard James Hobden (1818-1878) 1,904 Muswellbrook, New South Wales
Jane Firstbrook (c1819-1886) Firstbrook 1,819 St Erth England United Kingdom William Rutter (1826-1901) John Edyvean (c1829-?) 1,886 St Erth Cornwall
Alfred Gartrell (1864-1939) Gartrell 1,864 Perranuthnoe England United Kingdom Alison Brown (1870-1927) 1,939 Epping, New South Wales
Martha Gibbs (1737-1818) Gibbs 1,737 England United Kingdom Richard Bettes (c1737-1793) 1,818 Trewen Cornwall
William Gill (1832-1884) Gill 1,832 England United Kingdom Mary Jane Douglass (1838-1924) 1,884 Orange, New South Wales
Ann Bennie Goard (1800-1880) Goard 1,800 England United Kingdom Joseph Chivell (c1798-1855) William Richards (c1815-1890) 1,880 Kadina, South Australia
George Hicks (1857-1925) Hicks 1,857 Cardinham England United Kingdom Alice Jane Dark (1861-1955) 1,925 Carrington, New South Wales
Alice Holla (c1649-c1700) Holla 1,649 England United Kingdom Thomas Edwards (c1649-1692) 1,700
Elizabeth Veall Inch (1848-1916) Inch 1,848 Perranzabuloe England United Kingdom William Thomas (1844-c1874) Richard Palmer (1837-1931) 1,916 Hornsby, New South Wales Sydney
Francis French Jago (1842-1917) Jago 1,842 St Veep England United Kingdom Louisa Coltman (1842-1929) 1,917 Branxholm, Tasmania
Henry James Jago (1834-1913) Jago 1,834 Lerryn England United Kingdom Jessie Cox (1835-1919) 1,913 Launceston, Tasmania
John Jago (1805-1886) Jago 1,805 Pelynt England United Kingdom Susannah Wills (c1806-1888) 1,886 Deloraine, Tasmania
Edwin James (1816-) James 1,816 Redruth England United Kingdom Matilda Oats (1812-1883)
Matilda James (1840-1929) James 1,840 Penzance England United Kingdom William Wearne (1848-1910) 1,929 Phillack Cornwall
Arthur Jose (1820-1897) Jose 1,820 Penwartha England United Kingdom Mary Ann Gray (c1836-1888) 1,897 Adelaide
Henry Jose (1815-1885) Jose 1,815 Perranporth England United Kingdom Frances Pascoe Symons (1823-1858) Susannah Crewe (1830-1896) 1,885 Cardigan, Victoria
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