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This page is not intended as a workable page but may have some value to searchers. Its main purpose is to list pages where "England" is shown as the "birth nation" (instead of the correct "United Kingdom"). Until our forms and other instruction pages succeed in encouraging all users to treat the United Kingdom as a nation, containing four "states", there will be a growing number of entries in the first group, and the creators of SMW pages about England will need to be aware that some pages that should be included will have the "state" in the "nation" property.

The column for "birth nation-subdiv1" in the first group will show which pages can be most easily edited to correct (i.e. those where it is blank).

The column for "birth nation" in the second group will show which pages have not had "United Kingdom" specified and should therefore be edited so as to give more complete results for any query involving the UK.

Note that columns are sortable using the triangle icons, most usefully if you have clicked on "further results" and the "500" option.

"England" shown (incorrectly) as "birth nation"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Birth nation-subdiv1 Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
Robert de Acford (-bef1284) Acford 1,284
Margaret de Acton (c1262-) Acton 1,262 Alan de Cotton (c1257-)
Eleanor Allestree (c1298-) Allestree 1,298 William Dethick (c1295-aft1327)
Joan Annesley (c1219-) Annesley 1,219 Geoffrey Dethick (c1215-aft1278)
John Annesley (c1193-) Annesley 1,193
Matilda de Appleby (-c1487) Appleby Humphrey de Swinnerton (-1487) 1,487
Emeline de Arbitot (c1080-) Arbitot 1,080 Walter de Beauchamp (-1131)
Alienor L'Arcedekne (1383-1447) Archdeacon 1,383 Shropshire Walter Lucy (-1444) 1,447
Warin Archdeacon (1355-1400) Archdeacon 1,355 Elizabeth Talbot (1364-1407) 1,400
Elizabeth de Arley (c1330-1354) Arley 1,330 Saer Rochford (c1325-1401) 1,354
Eborard de Aunus (-1248) Aunus 1,166 1,248
Sarah de Aunus (-1213) Aunus 1,190 Robert de Insula (-1223) 1,213
Adrian Babington (1578-1625) Babington 1,578 Margaret Cave (c1580-?) 1,625
Anne Babington (c1460-1505) Babington 1,460 James Rolleston (c1458-) 1,505
Bernard de Babington (c1294-) Babington 1,294
John Babington (-1486) Babington Isabel Bradbourne (-aft1486) 1,486 Leicestershire
John de Babington (c1243-) Babington 1,243
John de Babington (-1409) Babington Benedicta Ward (c1339-) 1,409
John de Babington (-1355) Babington Alice Unknown 1,355
Thomas Babington (-1464) Babington Isabel Dethick (-c1464) 1,464
William de Babington (c1267-) Babington 1,267
Michael Bacon (-1648) Bacon Alice 1,648
Agnes Bagot (c1170-) Bagot 1,170 Simon de Verney (c1165-)
Hervey FitzBagot (-aft1166) Bagot 1,166
Hugh Bagot (-1242) Bagot Alicia Unknown 1,242
John Bagot (-bef1351) Bagot 1,315 Eglina Mallory (c1326-) 1,351
John Bagot (c1275-c1333) Bagot 1,275 Lucia de Mountjoy (-c1334) 1,333
John Bagot (c1368-1437) Bagot 1,368 Beatrice de Villiers (c1372-) 1,437
Margery Bagot (c1398-1437) Bagot 1,398 Henry Bradbourne (c1394-) 1,437
Ralph Bagot (-c1377) Bagot 1,342 Elizabeth de Blithfield (c1345-) 1,377
Richard Bagot (c1211-c1271) Bagot 1,211 Christina Mauveisin (-c1276) 1,271
Simon Bagot (-c1203) Bagot 1,203
William Bagot (-bef1198) Bagot 1,198
William Bagot (c1246-1290) Bagot 1,246 Hawisia Unknown 1,290
John Baker (c1543-1581) Baker 1,543 Margery Madistard (c1547-1617) 1,581
John Baker (c1592-1670) Baker 1,592 Bewdley Worcestershire Sarah Wall (c1594-) 1,663 Tyburn London
Nicholas Baker (c1568-1632) Baker 1,568 Bewdley Worcestershire Mary Hodgetts (c1569-1661) 1,632 New Haven, Connecticut New Haven County, Connecticut
Thomas Ballard (c1630-1689) Ballard 1,630 Anne Thomas (c1630-1678) Alice Hilliard 1,689 Middle Plantation James City County, Virginia
Alice de Bamville (-1230) Bamville Philip de Orreby (1160-1230) 1,230
Clémence de Banastre (-1298) Banastre 1,260 William de Lea (-1302) 1,298
Robert de Banastre (-1219) Banastre 1,172 1,219
Robert de Banastre (-1192) Banastre 1,142 1,192
Robert de Banastre (-c1290) Banastre 1,241 Alice Woodcock (-aft1289) 1,290
Robert de Banastre (-c1242) Banastre 1,217 Clémence de Orreby (-1258) 1,242
Thurston de Banastre (-1154) Banastre 1,108 1,154
Thurston de Banastre (-c1219) Banastre 1,192 Cecilia Unknown 1,219
Alan Basset (-1233) Basset 1,155 Aline de Gai (c1169-) 1,233
Alina Basset (-aft1224) Basset Drew de Montacute (-c1216) 1,224
Gilbert Basset (-1167) Basset 1,095 Edith d'Oyly (-c1167) 1,165
Margaret Basset (-c1527) Basset Ralph Egerton (-c1527) 1,527
… further results

"England" shown (correctly) as "birth nation-subdiv1"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Birth nation Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
George Abbot (1615-1681) Abbot 1,615 Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire United Kingdom Hannah Chandler (1630-1711) 1,681 Andover, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Abel (c1754-1817) Abel 1,754 United Kingdom William Snell (1750-1822) 1,817 Marsh Baldon Oxfordshire
George Abell (1561-1630) Abell 1,561 Derbyshire Frances Cotton (1573-1646) 1,630 Lockington Leicestershire
Robert Abell (1605-1663) Abell 1,605 Stapenhill Derbyshire Joanna Hyde (1610-1672) 1,663 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Bristol County, Massachusetts
Esther Abrahams (c1767-1846) Abrahams 1,767 Westminster Greater London United Kingdom George Johnston (1764-1823) 1,846 Georges Hall, New South Wales
Eleanor Acton (1427-1456) Acton 1,427 Leconfield Yorkshire Ralph Percy (1425-1464) 1,456 Leconfield Yorkshire
George Edwin Adams (1823-1897) Adams 1,823 Devonport, Devon Devon United Kingdom Ann T Cox (1838-1897) 1,897 Armidale, New South Wales
Henry Adams (1585-1646) Adams 1,585 Somerset Edith Squire (1587-1673) 1,646
Henry Adams (1582-1646) Adams 1,583 Barton St David Somerset United Kingdom Edith Squire (1587-1673) 1,646 Braintree, Massachusetts Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Jeremy Adams (1604-1683) Adams 1,604 Rebecca Baseden (1608-1678) Rebecca Fletcher (c1615-) 1,683 Hartford, Connecticut Hartford County, Connecticut
John Couch Adams (1819-1892) Adams 1,819 Laneast Cornwall United Kingdom Eliza Bruce (1827-1919) 1,892 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
Joseph Adams (1626-1694) Adams 1,626 Kingsweston (ward) Somerset United Kingdom Abigail Baxter (1634-1692) 1,694 Braintree, Massachusetts Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Mary Ann Adams (c1807-1875) Adams 1,807 Devon United Kingdom William Pederick (c1804-1887) 1,875 Gawler River
Ursula Adams (1619-1679) Adams 1,619 Barton St David, Somerset Somerset Stephen P Streeter (1600-1652) Samuel Hosier (1610-1665) 1,679 Charlestown, Boston Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Emily Addenbrooke (1829-1900) Addenbrooke 1,829 Clent Worcestershire United Kingdom Robert Quayle Kermode (1812-1870) Hussey Burgh Macartney (1840-1908) 1,900
Mary Frances Addie (c1601-1665) Addie 1,601 Darton United Kingdom Christopher W. Branch (1602-1681) 1,665 Henrico County, Virginia
Anna Margaret Aires (c1567-1629) Aires 1,567 Fenstanton Huntingdonshire United Kingdom Henry Howland (c1564-1635) 1,629 Fenstanton Huntingdonshire
John R. Aires (1540-1566) Aires 1,540 Essex United Kingdom Margaret R. Whitford (c1544-) 1,566 Essex
Charlotte Albury (1819-1891) Albury 1,819 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom William Byrne (1813-1861) 1,891 Moss Vale, New South Wales
John Albury (1794-1868) Albury 1,794 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom Ann Ralph (1794-1860) 1,868 Oxley Island, New South Wales
John Albury (1823-1855) Albury 1,823 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom Mary Ann Masters (1822-1901) 1,855 Bolwarra, New South Wales
Margaret Ann Albury (1831-1913) Albury 1,831 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom John Field (1810-1887) 1,913 St Leonards, New South Wales
Mary Ann Albury (1821-1906) Albury 1,821 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom Jabez Buckman (1818-1901) 1,906 Nambucca Heads, New South Wales
Mercy Albury (1834-1884) Albury 1,834 East Farleigh Kent United Kingdom James Sheather (1834-1913) 1,884 Liverpool, New South Wales
Frederick Alcock (1807-1869) Alcock 1,807 Redditch Worcestershire United Kingdom Mary Ann Green (1805-1864) 1,869 Brown Mountain, New South Wales
Jonas Harold Alcock (1843-1933) Alcock 1,843 Redditch Worcestershire United Kingdom Harriet Tivey (1847-1884) Emiline Jane Chislett (1843-c1912) 1,933 Bemboka, New South Wales
Richard Alcorn (c1799-1879) Alcorn 1,799 London United Kingdom Charlotte Golledge (1808-1851) Elizabeth Milson (c1802-1876) 1,879 Jerrys Plains, New South Wales
John Alden (c1599-1687) Alden 1,599 United Kingdom Priscilla Mullins (1602-1680) 1,687 Duxbury, Massachusetts
Mary Maria Alderman (1862-) Alderman 1,862 Westminster Greater London United Kingdom
Rose Caroline Alderman (1881-) Alderman 1,881 Pimlico Greater London United Kingdom John Eldridge c1871-)
Georgina Charlotte Alderson (1827-1899) Alderson 1,827 Paddington Middlesex United Kingdom Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (1830-1903) 1,889 Hatfield, Hertfordshire Hertfordshire
John Alderton (1806-1893) Alderton 1,806 Langham, Essex Essex United Kingdom Mary Coffee (1816-1902) 1,893 Windsor, New South Wales
Rebecca Alderton (c1822-1905) Alderton 1,822 Lawshall Suffolk United Kingdom Thomas Bruce (c1816-1880) 1,905 Richmond, London Surrey
John Aldred (1818-1894) Aldred 1,818 Suffolk United Kingdom Mary Australia Lawry (1825-1903) 1,894 Christchurch
William Aldridge (1772-1832) Aldridge 1,772 Harmondsworth London United Kingdom Kezia Smith (1798-1870) 1,832 North Richmond, New South Wales
William Alexander (1812-1886) Alexander 1,812 Shoreditch London United Kingdom Sarah Catherine Auber (1810-1874) 1,886 Hudson County, New Jersey
Juliana Margaret Allan (1872-) Allan 1,872 Plymouth Devon United Kingdom David Williamson (1868-1918)
Anthony John Allen (1927-2006) Allen 1,927 Sudbury, Suffolk Suffolk United Kingdom Peggy Avis Bass (1926-1996) 2,006 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
Elizabeth Allen (1764-) Allen 1,764 Leigh-on-Sea Essex United Kingdom William Ingram (c1766-1817)
John Allen (1631-1711) Allen 1,631 Sarah Ann Smith (1640-1674) Mary Parmenter (1644-1727) 1,711 Sudbury, Massachusetts Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Judith Allen (c1553-) Allen 1,553 United Kingdom Francis Burton (c1550-)
Mary Allen (c1795-1835) Allen 1,795 Sussex United Kingdom Jonas Unicomb (1796-1878) 1,835 Sussex
Michael Allen (1931-2006) Allen 1,931 Louth, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire United Kingdom Janet Brickell (1937-1999) 2,006 Tamworth, Staffordshire Staffordshire
Philip Allen (living) Allen United Kingdom
Roland Allen (1898-1978) Allen 1,898 Hartlepool County Durham United Kingdom Violet Davy (1901-1982) 1,978 Louth, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire
Walter Allen (1601-1681) Allen 1,601 Rebecca Ward (1601-1678) Abigail Rogers (1625-) 1,681 Charlestown, Boston Middlesex County, Massachusetts
William Allen (1627-1705) Allen 1,627 Weymouth Dorset Priscilla Browne (1628-1697) 1,705 Sandwich, Massachusetts Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Edward Allerton (1555-1589) Allerton 1,555 London Middlesex Rose Davis (1556-1596) 1,589 Alton Hampshire
Isaac Allerton (1586-1658) Allerton 1,586 London Middlesex United Kingdom Mary Norris (1588-1621) Fear Brewster (1606-1634) 1,659 New Haven, Connecticut New Haven County, Connecticut
John Allerton (1590-1621) Allerton 1,590 London Middlesex 1,621 Plymouth, Massachusetts Plymouth County, Massachusetts
… further results

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