This page is not intended as a workable page but may have some value to searchers. Its main purpose is to list pages where "Northern Ireland" is shown as the "birth nation" (instead of the correct "United Kingdom"). Until our forms and other instruction pages succeed in encouraging all users to treat the United Kingdom as a nation, containing four "states", there will be a growing number of entries in the first group, and the creators of SMW pages about Northern Ireland will need to be aware that some pages that should be included will have the "state" in the "nation" property.

The column for "birth nation-subdiv1" in the first group will show which pages can be most easily edited to correct (i.e. those where it is blank).

The column for "birth nation" in the second group will show which pages have not had "United Kingdom" specified and should therefore be edited so as to give more complete results for any query involving the UK.

Note that columns are sortable using the triangle icons, most usefully if you have clicked on "further results" and the "500" option.

"Northern Ireland" shown (incorrectly) as "birth nation"Edit

 SurnameBirth yearBirth localityBirth countyBirth nation-subdiv1Joined with-g1Joined with-g2Death yearDeath localityDeath county
Alexander McDowell (c1595-)McDowell1,595GlencoAntrimUlsterMargaret Hall (c1605-)
John McDowell (c1670-c1736)McDowell1,670UlsterJane (bef1690-)1,736New Castle County, Delaware
Thomas McDowell (c1631-1682)McDowell1,631Raloo ParishAntrimUlsterAnne Locke (c1648-)1,682GlencoAntrim
William McDowell (1710-1796)McDowell1,710UlsterMary (bef1733-)1,796Lewisburg, West VirginiaGreenbrier County, West Virginia

"Northern Ireland" shown (correctly) as "birth nation-subdiv1"Edit

 SurnameBirth yearBirth localityBirth countyBirth nationJoined with-g1Joined with-g2Death yearDeath localityDeath county
James Allen (1776-1848)Allen1,776UlsterJane Heathwood (1775-1845)1,848
Samuel Arbuthnot (1759-1844)Arbuthnot1,759United KingdomNomen nescioEsther McMarlin (1779-1852)1,844Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
William Arbuthnot (1781-1852)Arbuthnot1,781United KingdomMary Howell (1782-1854)1,852Caldwell, New JerseyEssex County, New Jersey
Ann Boggs (1819-1912)Boggs1,819DerryGeorge John Munns (1805-1859)1,912Grafton, New South Wales
Isabella Boggs (1823-1854)Boggs1,823DerryHenry Wood (c1812-1867)1,854Parramatta
John Boggs (1796-1869)Boggs1,796County FermanaghUnited KingdomMary Ann Cunningham (c1794-1881)1,869Gosforth, New South Wales
Elizabeth Jackson Logan Brown (1907-1978)Brown1,907BelfastUnited KingdomRobert McKibbin (1901-1947)1,978Belfast
Martha Cargill (1707-1767)Cargill1,707DerryCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomJohn McKeen (1700-1767)1,767TruroColchester County
John Cramsie (1832-1910)Cramsie1,832BallymoneyCounty AntrimUnited KingdomLillias Rankin (1842-1888)1,910Randwick, New South Wales
Charles Henry Davison (c1830-1900)Davison1,830United KingdomMartha or Matty Sloan (c1825-1864)1,900Aghaboy, Northern Ireland
George Henry Davison (1864-1935)Davison1,864Randalstown, County AntrimCounty AntrimUnited KingdomAnna Graham (Annie) Wilson (1877-1918)1,935Marton, New Zealand
Henry or Adam Davison (c1800-)Davison1,800United Kingdom
William Andrew Davison (1902-1961)Davison1,902BelfastUnited KingdomMarjorie Bell Copland (1900-1979)1,961Palmerston North
Edward George Dougherty (1749-1814)Dougherty1,749DerryCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomMary Stalford (1756-1809)1,814SpringportCayuga County, New York
Ann Dupong (c1839-1914)Dupong1,839RathfrilandCounty DownUnited KingdomJoseph Scott (c1841-1926)1,914GlasgowGlasgow
Catherine Grainger (1611-)Grainger1,611Cooley, County TyroneCounty TyroneUnited KingdomRobert Love (1610-1684)
Elizabeth Hutchinson (c1737-1781)Hutchinson1,737CarrickfergusCounty AntrimUnited KingdomAndrew Jackson (-1767)1,781Lancaster, South Carolina
John Jackson (c1716-1801)Jackson1,716ColeraineCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomElizabeth Cummins (1720-1825)1,801Clarksburg, West VirginiaHarrison County, West Virginia
Benedict Kiely (1919-2007)Kiely1,919DromoreTyrone2,007DublinDublin
Adam Love (1697-1765)Love1,697BallymoneyCounty AntrimUnited KingdomMary Unknown (1702-1776)1,765Coventry, Rhode IslandKent County, Rhode Island
John Love (1645-1724)Love1,645BallymoneyCounty AntrimUnited Kingdom1,724Craigatempin, County AntrimCounty Antrim
Patricia Ann Magill (1945-2014)Magill1,945BelfastUnited KingdomStephen Brown (1942-living)2,014Belfast
Mary Ann McCann (c1815-1857)McCann1,815ArmaghJohn Howarth (1810-1844)William Garner (1809-1868)1,857Goulburn, New South Wales
Andrew Moore (1688-1753)Moore1,688BallymacreeCounty AntrimUnited KingdomMargaret Miller (c1683-aft1722)Rachel Halliday (1704-1784)1,753Sadsbury Township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaChester County, Pennsylvania
James Moore (c1650-)Moore1,650BallymoneyCounty AntrimUnited KingdomElizabeth Unknown (c1670-)
Rose Rafferty (1910-1990)Rafferty1,910SixmilecrossTyronePatrick Eugene "Pat" Heaney (1906-1971)1,990OmaghTyrone
James Reid (1816-1876)Reid1,816KnockadooCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomMary Barker (1818-1866)1,876Chatswood, New South WalesSydney
John Rennick (c1856-)Rennick1,856County FermanaghUnited KingdomElizabeth Stuart nee Unknown (c1850-)
Thomas Rennick (1831-1901)Rennick1,831County ArmaghUnited KingdomAnne McCawley or McCauley (1833-1913)1,901County Sligo
William Redfern Watt (1813-1894)Watt1,813BelfastUnited KingdomMary Grant (1817-1888)1,894Waverley, New South Wales
Alexander Williamson (1799-1882)Williamson1,799BelfastUnited KingdomElizabeth Mobbs (1819-1891)1,882Wellington, New South Wales
Alexander Wilson (1659-1752)Wilson1,659DerryCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomOlive Fox (1660-)1,752
Janet Wilson (1705-1796)Wilson1,705DerryCounty LondonderryUnited KingdomMatthew Taylor (1690-1770)1,796DerryRockingham County

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