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"Scotland" shown (incorrectly) as "birth_nation"Edit

 SurnameBirth yearBirth localityBirth countyBirth nation-subdiv1Joined with-g1Joined with-g2Death yearDeath localityDeath county
Colin Campbell, 1st of Blythswood (c1595-)Blythswod1,595Margaret FlemingJanet Muir
William Brisbin (1724-1799)Brisbin1,724Selitje Matthis (1728-)1,799HemmingsfordHuntington
Finlay Campbell (c1485-1565)Campbell1,4851,565
Janet Campbell (1468-c1546)Campbell1,468John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl (aft1475-1521)1,546
Lilias Campbell (1674-1709)Campbell1,674James Dunlop, 3rd of Garnkirk (1655-1719)1,709
Margaret Campbell (-1535)CampbellWilliam Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn (c1490-1548)1,535
Margaret Campbell (-1537)CampbellJohn MacDowall, 9th of Garthland (1507-1547)1,537
Robert Campbell (c1645-1712)Campbell1,645Catherine Napier (c1650-)Jean Dunlop1,712
Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn (-1574)Cunningham1,510DumfriesDumfriesshireJanet Hamilton (c1517-1574)Janet Cunningham (-aft1549)1,574Glencairn, Dumfries and GallowayDumfriesshire
Ellen Cunningham (c1511-)Cunningham1,511Alexander Dunlop, 11th of that Ilk (1491-1564)
Susannah Cunningham (c1564-)Cunningham1,564John Napier (-c1644)
William Cunningham, 6th Earl of Glencairn (aft1530-c1578)Cunningham1,530Janet Gordon (-1596)1,578
David Bethune, 1st of Creich (c1460-1505)Dethune1,460Janet Duddingston (c1467-1541)1,505
Archibald Douglas, 1st of Cavers (-c1435)DouglasMargaret1,435
Archibald Douglas, 3rd of Cavers (-1486)Douglas1,486
Elizabeth Douglas (-c1500)DouglasAlexander Stewart, 3rd of Garlies (-c1500)1,500
William Douglas, 2nd of Cavers (-1464)Douglas1,464
Alexander Dunlop, 6th of that Ilk (c1398-)Dunlop1,398
Alexander Dunlop, 4th of that Ilk (c1354-)Dunlop1,354
Alexander Dunlop, 11th of that Ilk (1491-1564)Dunlop1,491Ellen Cunningham (c1511-)1,564
Constantine Dunlop, 8th of that Ilk (-1505)Dunlop1,4451,505
Constantine Dunlop, 7th of that Ilk (c1420-)Dunlop1,420
James Dunlop, 2nd of Garnkirk (c1633-1692)Dunlop1,633Elizabeth Robertson (c1635-)1,692
James Dunlop, 13th of that Ilk (c1570-1616)Dunlop1,570Jean Somerville (c1570-1645)1,616
James Dunlop, 2nd of that Ilk (c1310-)Dunlop1,310
James Dunlop, 12th of that Ilk (c1528-1596)Dunlop1,528Isabel Hamilton (c1533-1596)1,596
James Dunlop, 3rd of Garnkirk (1655-1719)Dunlop1,655Lilias Campbell (1674-1709)1,719
Janet Dunlop (1701-1743)Dunlop1,701LanarkshireJohn Giffen (1701-1795)1,743
Jannet Dunlop (c1470-)Dunlop1,470James Maitland Stewart (1908-1997)
John Dunlop, 9th of that Ilk (c1467-1509)Dunlop1,467Marion Douglas (c1470-)1,509
John Dunlop, 1st of Garnkirk (-1662)Dunlop1,574Paisley, ScotlandRenfrewshireElizabeth1,662
John Dunlop, 3rd of that Ilk (c1332-)Dunlop1,332
Unknown Fraser (-c1488)FraserThomas MacDowall, 6th of Garthland (-1488)1,488
Andrew Giffen (c1720-1767)Giffen1,720LanarkshireAgnes Nesbit (c1720-)1,767West Pennsboro, PennsylvaniaCumberland County, Pennsylvania
Adam de Gordon (-c1328)GordonAmabilia1,328
Isobel Gordon (-aft1513)GordonUchtred Macdowall, 7th of Garthland (-1513)1,513
Janet Gordon (-1596)GordonWilliam Cunningham, 6th Earl of Glencairn (aft1530-c1578)1,596
John Gordon, 2nd of Lochinvar (c1451-c1517)Gordon1,451Arabella BoydElizabeth Lindsay (c1463-)1,517
Robert Gordon, 3rd of Lochinvar (aft1489-1526)Gordon1,489Mariota Acarsane (-bef1538)1,526
Roger Gordon, 2nd of Stichill (-1402)Gordon1,402
William Gordon, 1st of Stichill (-c1370)Gordon1,370
William Gordon, 1st of Lochinvar (c1422-1460)Gordon1,422Joan of Scotland, Countess of Morton (c1428-1486)1,460
David Graham (-1376)GrahamHelen1,376
David Graham (-1329)Graham1,329
David Graham (-1270)Graham1,270
Euphemia Graham (c1419-aft1495)Graham1,419Robert Vaux (c1409-aft1459)
Isabel Graham (c1298-)Graham1,298Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland (c1296-1327)
Patrick Graham (-1296)GrahamAnnabelle of Strathearn (c1225-)1,296Dunbar
Patrick Graham (c1380-1413)Graham1,380Euphemia Stewart, Countess of Strathearn (-c1434)1,413
Patrick Graham (-1400)GrahamMatildaEgidia Stewart (c1342-)1,400
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"Scotland" shown (correctly) as "birth_nation-subdiv1"Edit

Note: These should appear also at Scotland/bdm.

 SurnameBirth yearBirth localityBirth countyBirth nationJoined with-g1Joined with-g2Death yearDeath localityDeath county
John Aberdein (1815-1880)Aberdein1,815Logie-PertAngusUnited KingdomElizabeth Watt (1815-1897)1,880Glasgow
Margaret Aberdein (1844-1903)Aberdein1,844MontroseAngusUnited KingdomWilliam John Blair Brown (1844-1923)1,903BelfastCounty Antrim
Amily Annie Ainslie (c1831-1915)Ainslie1,831United KingdomFrancis Anderson (c1802-1875)1,915New Town, Tasmania
Georgina Gordon Ainslie (c1845-1929)Ainslie1,845United KingdomAlexander Fairweather (1849-1919)1,929Grafton, New South Wales
James Ainslie (1808-1860)Ainslie1,808Fordyce, AberdeenshireAberdeenshireUnited KingdomMary Steven (1808-1887)1,860Hobart
Mary Stewart Ainslie (c1830-1925)Ainslie1,830United KingdomEdwin Cox (c1825-1894)1,925Hobart
Janet Algie (c1851-1940)Algie1,851Barony, RenfrewshireRenfrewshire (historic)United KingdomCharles Fulljames (1840-1907)1,940Taree
Andrew Allan (1798-1837)Allan1,798United KingdomAugusta Bayly (1808-1860)1,837Moorebank, New South Wales
Malcolm I of Scotland (bef900-954)Alpin900United Kingdom954
William Douglas, 2nd Earl of Angus (c1398-1437)Douglas1,398United KingdomMargaret Hay (c1400-1484)1,437
Mary Helen Anstruther (1839-1912)Anstruther1,839EdinburghMidlothianUnited KingdomWilliam Reierson Arbuthnot (1826-1913)1,912
Philip Anstruther (1802-1862)Anstruther1,802Elie and EarlsferryUnited KingdomMary Frances Stewart-Mackenzie (1819-1913)1,862
Charles Arbuthnot (1737-1820)Arbuthnot1,737AberdeenshireUnited Kingdom1,820
George Arbuthnot (1772-1843)Arbuthnot1,772EdinburghMidlothianUnited KingdomElizabeth Fraser (1792-1834)1,843
George Arbuthnot (1688-1732)Arbuthnot1,688United KingdomMargaret Robinson (c1701-1729)1,732
John Alves Arbuthnot (1802-1875)Arbuthnot1,802EdinburghMidlothianUnited KingdomMary Arbuthnot (1812-1859)1,875
John Sinclair-Wemyss Arbuthnot (1912-1992)Arbuthnot1,912KittybrewsterAberdeenUnited Kingdom(Margaret) Jean Duff (1919)1,992Worlington, SuffolkSuffolk
Christian Arbuthnott (c1535-1583)Arbuthnott1,535United KingdomWilliam Warrender (1509-1558)George Symmer (c1533-1583)1,583
John Campbell Arbuthnott (1858-1923)Arbuthnott1,858GreenockUnited Kingdom1,923
Paul Bacsich (1945-)Bacsich1,945GlasgowUnited KingdomLynda Bacsich
William Balgowan (c1808-1887)Balgowan1,808Rhynie and EssieAberdeenshireUnited KingdomJannet Shand (1810-1880)1,887Boorowa
David Ballantyne (1748-1829)Ballantyne1,748RedpathBerwickshireUnited KingdomCecilia Wallace (1770-1808)Annie Bannerman (1789-1871)1,829KelsoThe Scottish Borders
Jane Ballantyne (1813-1901)Ballantyne1,813EarlstonBerwickshireUnited KingdomJohn Taylor (1808-1887)1,901Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County, Utah
Annie Bannerman (1789-1871)Bannerman1,789KildonnanHighlandUnited KingdomDavid Ballantyne (1748-1829)1,871Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County, Utah
Margaret Hutchison Bathgate (1828-1857)Bathgate1,828LeithUnited KingdomStephen Foster Goodsell (1820-1909)1,857Canterbury, New South Wales
Caroline Maggie Belcher (1870-1951)Belcher1,870United KingdomWilliam McCulloch (-1951)1,951Marrickville, New South Wales
Isabella Bennie (1824-1908)Bennie1,824GlasgowUnited KingdomJames Semple (1822-1871)1,908Auburn, New South Wales
Janet Bentley (1811-1848)Bentley1,811AberdeenAberdeenshireUnited KingdomWilliam Littlejohn (1803-1888)1,848AberdeenAberdeenshire
John Birrell (1821-1874)Birrell1,821Haddington, East LothianEast LothianUnited KingdomCatherine Cummins (1832-1882)1,874Waverley, New South Wales
Janet (`Jenny') Macfie Blaikie (1879-1972)Blaikie1,879Newington district, EdinburghMidlothianUnited KingdomReginald William Henry Crawford-Leslie (1873-1916)Alexander Gordon Duff (1884-1978)1,972Barham, KentKent
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (1953)Blair1,953EdinburghMidlothianUnited KingdomCherie Booth (1954)
Margaret Blair (1562-1624)Blair1,562ArgyllUnited KingdomDonald Cargill (1560-1623)1,624Argyll
Alexander Books (c1786-1864)Books1,786Montrose, AngusAngusUnited KingdomMargaret Grono (c1804-1878)1,864Webbs Creek, New South Wales
Cecilia Bowes-Lyon (1912-1947)Bowes-Lyon1,912GlamisAngusUnited KingdomKenneth Douglas Evelyn Herbert Harington (1911-2007)1,947
Fergus Bowes-Lyon (1889-1915)Bowes-Lyon1,889GlamisAngusUnited KingdomChristian Norah Dawson-Damer (1890-1959)1,915Loos-en-GohellePas-de-Calais
Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon (1883-1961)Bowes-Lyon1,883GlamisAngusUnited KingdomSidney Herbert Buller-Fullerton Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1955)1,961Carberry, East LothianEast Lothian
Patricia Bowes-Lyon (1916-1917)Bowes-Lyon1,916GlamisAngusUnited Kingdom1,917GlamisAngus
Violet Hyacinth Bowes-Lyon (1882-1893)Bowes-Lyon1,882GlamisAngusUnited Kingdom1,893Ham, LondonSurrey
Thomas Bowie (1833-1891)Bowie1,833GlasgowUnited KingdomHannah Mountain (c1832-1899)1,891
James Boyd (1810-)Boyd1,810AnnanDumfries and GallowayUnited KingdomJane Davidson (c1814-)
Susan Boyd (1836-1877)Boyd1,836Dumfries and GallowayUnited KingdomDaniel McVicar (c1825-)1,877South MelbournePort Phillip City
William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (1705-1746)Boyd1,705KilmarnockAyrshireUnited KingdomAnne Livingston (bef1707-1747)1,746London
Andrew Brown (1781-1859)Brown1,781GlenbervieKincardineIsabella Moodie (1784-1835)1,859Montrose, Angus
Andrew Brown (1810-1851)Brown1,810Montrose, AngusAngusUnited KingdomMargaret Gilmour (1814-1865)1,851Montrose, AngusAngus
David Brown (1772-1826)Brown1,772GlasgowUnited KingdomEleanor Fleming (1780-1865)1,826Wilberforce, New South Wales
Elizabeth Watt Brown (1876-1943)Brown1,876PartickUnited KingdomAaron Frost (-)1,943
James Gordon Brown (1951)Brown1,951GiffnockRenfrewshireUnited KingdomSarah Macaulay (1963)
John Ebenezer Brown (1914-1998)Brown1,914Lower LargoFifeUnited KingdomJessie Elizabeth Souter (1918-2004)1,998InschAberdeenshire
William Brown (1766-1820)Brown1,772KirkcudbrightshireHannah Sweet (1774-1839)1,820Dryden, New YorkTompkins County, New York
William Blair Brown (1872-1944)Brown1,872GlasgowUnited KingdomMargaret Logan (1875-1963)1,944BelfastCounty Antrim
... further results