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This page is not intended as a workable page but may have some value to searchers. Its main purpose is to list pages where "Wales" is shown as the "birth nation" (instead of the correct "United Kingdom"). Until our forms and other instruction pages succeed in encouraging all users to treat the United Kingdom as a nation, containing four "states", there will be a growing number of entries in the first group, and the creators of SMW pages about Wales will need to be aware that some pages that should be included will have the "state" in the "nation" property.

The column for "birth nation-subdiv1" in the first group will show which pages can be most easily edited to correct (i.e. those where it is blank).

The column for "birth nation" in the second group will show which pages have not had "United Kingdom" specified and should therefore be edited so as to give more complete results for any query involving the UK.

Note that columns are sortable using the triangle icons, most usefully if you have clicked on "further results" and the "500" option.

"Wales" shown (incorrectly) as "birth nation"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Birth nation-subdiv1 Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
Mungo Lorenz MacCallum (1884-1933) MacCallum 1,884 Aberystwyth Ceredigion Hilda Kathleen Ballardie (1880-1981) 1,933 Point Piper, New South Wales
Katherine Mathew (c1544-) Mathew 1,544 Miles Mathew (1544-)
Katherine Mathew (c1569-) Mathew 1,569 George Lewis (c1560-)
Miles Mathew (1544-) Mathew 1,544 Katherine Mathew (c1544-)
Walter de Sully (-1215) Sully 1,150 Mabel de Torrington (-1235) 1,215 Cardiff
Joan Tudor Tudor 1,453 Snowdon Carnarvonshire, Carnarvonshire, Wales William Ap Yeuan Williams 1,495 Glamorgan
William Ap Yeuan Williams Williams 1,443 Llanishen, Glamorganshire, Wales Joan Tudor

"Wales" shown (correctly) as "birth nation-subdiv1"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Birth nation Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county
Elizabeth Allen (1764-1846) Allen 1,764 Pembrokeshire United Kingdom Josiah Wedgwood (1769-1843) 1,846 Maer, Staffordshire Staffordshire
John Bartlett Allen (1733-1803) Allen 1,733 Jeffreyston Pembrokeshire United Kingdom Elizabeth Hensleigh (c1738-1790) Mary Rees (bef1792) 1,803 Jeffreyston Pembrokeshire
Louisa Jane Allen (1771-1836) Allen 1,771 Jeffreyston Pembrokeshire United Kingdom John Wedgwood (1766-1844) 1,836
Nicholas Bayly (c1749-1814) Bayly 1,749 Plas Newydd (Anglesey) Anglesey United Kingdom Frances Nettlefield (c1749-) 1,814
Nicholas Bayly (1769-1823) Bayly 1,769 Anglesey United Kingdom Sarah Laycock (1783-1820) 1,823 Cabramatta, New South Wales
Nicholas Bayly (1709-1782) Bayly 1,709 Anglesey United Kingdom Caroline Paget (1707-1766) Anne Hunter (-1818) 1,782 London
Anne de Beauchamp, 15th Countess of Warwick (1444-1449) Beauchamp 1,444 Cardiff Glamorgan United Kingdom 1,449 Ewelme Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Ann Birch (1824-1899) Birch 1,823 Presteigne Radnorshire Arnold Potter (1804-1872) Francis Brown (1827-1872) 1,899 Murray, Utah Salt Lake County, Utah
Dorothy Bishop (1570-1650) Bishop 1,570 St Davids Pembrokeshire John Meyrick (1579-1650) 1,650 Bristol Gloucestershire
Maud de Braose (1224-1300) Braose 1,224 Roger Mortimer, 1st Baron Mortimer of Wigmore (1231-1282) 1,300 Herefordshire
William de Braose, 10th Baron Abergavenny (c1197-1230) Braose 1,197 Brecon United Kingdom Eva Marshal (1203-1246) 1,230
Sarah Calkins (1624-1677) Calkins 1,624 Monmouth William Hough (1620-1683) 1,677 New London, Connecticut New London County, Connecticut
Colin Robert Vaughan Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor (1962) Campbell 1,962 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire United Kingdom Isabella Rachel Stanhope (1966)
Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke (1172-1220) Clare 1,172 Pembrokeshire United Kingdom William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1146-1219) 1,220 Pembrokeshire
Richard Clough (c1530-1570) Clough 1,530 Plas Clouch, Dinbych Denbighshire Catherine Muldert (c1530-) Catrin of Berain (1534-1591) 1,570 Hamburg
David James Cramp (1867-1920) Cramp 1,867 Briton Ferry Neath Port Talbot United Kingdom Elizabeth Ann unknown (1869-1903) 1,920
William Horace Cramp (1872-1940) Cramp 1,872 Neath Glamorgan United Kingdom Catherine Ann Taylor (1881-1968) 1,940
Elizabeth Davies (c1766-c1830) Davies 1,766 Llangyndeyrn United Kingdom Samuel Craft (c1768-1833) 1,830 Windsor, New South Wales
Eva Anna Caroline Douglas-Pennant (1852-1934) Douglas-Pennant 1,852 Llandygai Caernarfonshire United Kingdom William Frederick Ernest Seymour (1838-1915) 1,934 London
Rowland Evans (1643-1729) Evans 1,643 United Kingdom Alice Norris (1644-1719) 1,729
Winefride Mary Elizabeth Feilding (1868-1959) Feilding 1,868 Downing, Flintshire Flintshire United Kingdom Gervase Henry Cary-Elwes (1866-1921) 1,959
Gerald FitzMaurice (c1150-bef1204) FitzGerald 1,150 United Kingdom Eve de Bermingham (?-c1225) 1,204
Gwladus ferch Dafydd Gam (-1454) Gam 1,385 Peutun, Llan Ddew Brecknockshire United Kingdom Roger Vaughan (c1377-1415) William ap Thomas (c1401-1446) 1,454
Thomas Gamage (c1484-) Gamage 1,484 Coity Glamorgan United Kingdom Margaret St. John (c1486-)
Catherina Grey (Abt 1366-?) Grey 1,366 Ruthin United Kingdom
John Grono (1767-1847) Grono 1,767 Newport, Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire United Kingdom Elizabeth Bristow (1771-1848) 1,847 Pitt Town, New South Wales
John Ingram Hallows (1839-1906) Hallows 1,839 Newtwon Montgomerysjire Margaret Bettell (1843-1899) 1,906 Prescot Lanscashire
Ada Hicks (1869-1943) Hicks 1,869 Usk Monmouthshire United Kingdom 1,943
Albert Hicks (1855) Hicks 1,855 Llanelly Brecknockshire United Kingdom
Alfred Hicks (1849) Hicks 1,849 Llanelly Brecknockshire United Kingdom
Ann Hicks (1842-1848) Hicks 1,842 Monmouth Monmouthshire United Kingdom 1,848
Charles Hicks (1851) Hicks 1,851 Llanelly Brecknockshire United Kingdom Mary Ann Unknown
Edwin Hicks (1859-1862) Hicks 1,859 Llanelly Brecknockshire United Kingdom 1,862
Emily Hicks (c1863) Hicks 1,863 Neath Glamorgan United Kingdom
George Hicks (1821-1893) Hicks 1,821 Llanover Monmouthshire United Kingdom Maria Lewis (1822-1881) 1,893 Ealing Greater London
George William Hicks (1844-1919) Hicks 1,844 Monmouthshire United Kingdom Elizabeth Powell (1844-1929) 1,919 Leytonstone Essex
Mary Hicks (1847) Hicks 1,847 Llanelly Brecknockshire United Kingdom
Sarah A Hicks (1861-1862) Hicks 1,861 Monmouth Monmouthshire United Kingdom 1,862
Sydney Hicks (1854-1854) Hicks 1,854 Monmouth Monmouthshire United Kingdom 1,854 Monmouth Monmouthshire
Walter H Hicks (1858-1858) Hicks 1,858 Monmouth Monmouthshire United Kingdom 1,858 Monmouth Monmouthshire
William Hicks (c1791) Hicks 1,791 Monmouthshire United Kingdom Ann Jones
William H Hicks (1853) Hicks 1,853 Monmouth Monmouthshire United Kingdom
Mary Hughan (1838-1894) Hughan 1,838 Carnarvon Robert Mahon 1,894 Dunedin Otago
Ann Ingram (1811-1867) Ingram 1,811 Llandinam Powys Michael Evans 1,867 Llanllwchaiarn Powys
Edward Ingram (1816-1860) Ingram 1,816 Llandinam Montgomeryshire Elizabeth O'Grady (c1817-1879) 1,860 Melbourne
Eliza Ingram (c1837-1903) Ingram 1,837 Newtown, Powys Montgomeryshire United Kingdom Joseph Wood (1843-1925) 1,903 Gilgai, New South Wales
John Ingram (1806-1841) Ingram 1,806 Llandinam Powys 1,841
John Ingram (c1766-1847) Ingram 1,766 Montgomeryshire Susannah Morgan (c1773-1844) 1,847 Newtown, Powys Powys
Mary Ann Ingram (1814-1895) Ingram 1,814 Llandinam Montgomeryshire Joseph Hallows (c1816-bef1871) 1,895 Prescot Lancashire
Susan Ingram (c1834-1847) Ingram 1,834 Newtown, Powys Powys 1,847 Newtown, Powys Powys
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