Four or more generations of descendants of Borrell II de Barcelone (c946-992) if they are properly linked:
1. Borrell II de Barcelone (c946-992)

2. Ramon Borrel de Barcelone (972-1017)
3. Borrell Ramon de Barcelona (c995-c997)
3. Estefania de Barcelona (c1000-bef1040)
3. Berengar Raymond I de Barcelona (1005-1035)
4. Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona (1024-1076)
5. Berenguer of Barcelona (c1040-c1045) (more)
5. Arnau of Barcelona (c1042-c1045) (more)
5. Pere Ramon of Barcelona (1050-1073) (more)
5. Berenguer Ramon II of Barcelona (c1053-1097) (more)
5. Ramon Berenguer II of Barcelona (c1053-1082) (more)
5. Ines of Barcelona (1056-1071) (more)
5. Sancha of Barcelona (c1057-1095) (more)
4. Sancho of Penedes (c1026-aft1058)
4. William of Ausona (1028-aft1054)
4. Bernat of Barcelona (1035-aft1058)
4. Sybil of Barcelona (?-?)
5. Hugh I de Bourgogne (1057-1093) (more)
5. Eudes I de Bourgogne (1058-1103) (more)
5. Robert de Bourgogne (1059-1111) (more)
5. Helie de Bourgogne (1061-aft1084) (more)
5. Beatrice de Bourgogne (1063-c1110) (more)
5. Reginald de Bourgogne (1065-1092) (more)
5. Henry of Portugal (1066-1112) (more)
2. Ermengol of Urgell (974-1010)
3. Ermengol II of Urgell (?-1038)
4. Ermengol III of Urgell (1032-1066)
5. Isabella of Urgell (?-c1071) (more)
5. Ermengol IV of Urgell (1056-1092) (more)
5. Berenguer of Urgell (c1057-bef1171) (more)
5. Guillem of Urgell (c1058-bef1171) (more)
5. Ramon of Urgell (c1059-bef1171) (more)
5. Sancha of Urgell (c1066-c1113) (more)
3. Ermesinda of Urgell (?-?)
4. Bernat II de Pallars Sobirà (c1019-1049)
4. Artau I de Pallars Sobirà (c1021-1081)
5. Artau II de Pallars Sobirà (c1052-1124) (more)
5. Ot de Pallars Sobirà (c1054-1122) (more)
5. Guillem de Pallars Sobirà (c1056-?) (more)
5. Maria de Pallars Sobirà (?-?) (more)
4. Ramon de Pallars Sobirà (c1023-1091)
4. Eldiondis de Pallars Sobirà (c1025-?)
2. Ermengarda de Barcelone (?-?)
2. Richilda de Barcelone (?-?)
2. Aldrie de Barcelone (?-?)
2. Bonne de Barcelone (?-?)

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