Rab. Brian Tice was born 12 August 1971 in Plainwell, Allegan County, Michigan, United States to David Ira Tice (1948) and Kathleen Baker (1950) . Ancestors are from the United States.
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Detailed biographyEdit

Brian Tice, a native of Allegan, MI, is a playwright, songwriter, musician, poet, and minister of the Gospel.




Original SongsEdit

  • All It Takes
  • And Faith is Somehow Popular Again
  • Àρα Απολεíπεται Σαβατισμóς
  • Dear Grama Minnie
  • He Cares
  • How Awesome A G-d (What Have We Got)
  • How will the Lost Ever Find Him?
  • L-rd of All Creation
  • O What A Glorious G-d We Serve
  • Sh'ma u Va'ahavta
  • So Much More
  • Still Workin' Miracles
  • Trust Him Through It All
  • When We Feed the Hungry
  • You're My Strength, You're My Song

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