Brita Christina Ökneberg
Sex: Female
Birth: September 28, 1793 (1793-09-28) (225 years ago)
Torshälla, Sweden
Death: Stockholm, Sweden
Father: Lars Öknaberg (1755-?)
Mother: Brita Olsdotter (1757-?)
Spouse/Partner: Lars Magnus Wingblad
Marriage: November or December 1822 (age 29)
Children: Carl Wilhelm Wingblad (1823-?)
Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901)
Brita Christina Öknaberg (1793) birth on September 28, 1793

1793 birth


1823 Carl Wilhelm Wingblad birth

Winblad Oknaberg 1824 marriage

1824 marriage on October 10, 1824

Winblad-Lars 10

1828 Lars Magnus Vingblad as the father of Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901)

Winblad-Lars 02

1828 Lars Magnus Vingblad as the father of Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901)

Brita Christina Öknaberg (b. September 28, 1793 or 1799; Torshälla parish, Eskilstuna, Sweden - d. ?)


It is possible that the name could be "Ökenberg" which means desert mountain. There are several people with this surname in the Swedish baptism records and only our Lars and Brita with the "Öknaberg" or "Ökneberg" spelling.


Both parents died before 1793.


She was born on September 28, 1793 at Torshälla parish, Eskilstuna, Sweden. Another source lists her birth year as 1799.


Lars Magnus Wingblad impregnated Brita in November or December of 1822.

Lars engagementEdit

Lars became engaged to Anna Ericsdotter Wennström. They made their vows at Katarina parish on February 9, 1823. This was about three months after impregnating Brita Christina Ökneberg.

First childEdit

Brita gave birth on August 10, 1823 to Carl Wilhelm Wingblad (1823-?) just six months after Lars got engaged. Carl was baptized at Hedvig Eleonora parish, Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday, August 18, 1823. Lars and Brita were listed as "Gesellen Wingblad" and "Br. Chr. Oknaberg". Carl appears to have died as an infant.

Break engagementEdit

At their own request Lars and Anna were released from their vow to marry on August 03, 1824. The record says: "after closer knowledge of each others temperament and reasoning they realized that a union of marriage would cause them both unhappiness". The real reason was Lars child with another woman. They had been engaged for one year and six months.


She married Lars Magnus Winblad (1797) possibly in Katarina Church in Stockholm, Sweden. This was two months after Lars broke his engagement to Anna.

Second childEdit

Their child, Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901), was born on October 08, 1828. Anton was baptized on October 11, 1828 in Stockholm at St. Maria Magdalena Church (Mariakyrkan).

Linköping, SwedenEdit

The 1830 Household examination rolls show Lars working as a carpenter in Linköping, Sweden while Brita was still working as a maid in Stockholm, living with her child Anton. By 1834 the rolls show that Brita and Anton joined Lars in Linköping, Sweden.


  • Lennart Haglund (1928) writes: "Maria (parish) house examination AI:a 37 p. 367 notes the journeyman's wife Brita Chr. Vingblad, born on September 28, 1799 and the son Anton Julius, as moved out 'together with the husband to Linköping September 21, 1834'. Whether Brita, born in Torshälla September 28, 1793 as a daughter of the soldier Lars Ökneberg and Brita Olofsdotter (for whom I sent a copy from the birth book) is identical with this Brita Christina, who in quite a few sources is said to be born on September 28, 1799, the Stadsarkivet has unfortunately not resources to find out."