Caption Entry
Author: James Moore Brown
Title:The Captives of Abb's Valley, A Legend of Frontier Life
Publisher:Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication
Pagination:173 pp.
Electronic Source:Canadiana
Commentary:Title page gives the author only as "By a son of Mary Moore". Mary Moore later married the Rev. Samuel Brown. James Moore Brown was her son. Description of pagination varies, the Canadiana version has it as 173 pp. Some bilbiographies give it as iii-ix, 1 blank, 9-169pp.

Note that this work is sometimes listed under the author ship of an "A.W. Mitchell, MD" whose relationship to the work is unknown, but may have been involved in having the work printed. Also, there is a revision by Robert B. Woodworth, 1942 that incorporates additional data about the family relations to the Walkers. The additional informaiton appears to be derived primarily from White, 1902. That work was published Staunton, Va., Printed for the author by the McClure Co., inc., 1942.

See also: Mitchell, A. W., M.D. The Captives of Abb's Valley, A Legend of Frontier Life

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