Bruce Balgowan was born 1931 to Wilfred Watson Balgowan (1897-1970) and Myrtle Baker (1897-1944) and died 2002 at Blacktown Hospital in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Barbara May Mckeown . Ancestors are from Australia, the United Kingdom.


Offspring of Bruce Balgowan and Barbara May Mckeown
Name Birth Death Joined with
David Baker
Darrin Baker

Unfortunately at this time I know too little about my father's life. I am the eldest of his two sons David Baker. I know that due to some sort of family disagreement my father changed his last name to his mothers maiden name due to a disagreement with his father, my grandfather.

After changing his name he married our mother Barbara May Mckeown. And had two sons myself David Baker, and Darrin Baker. After im not sure how many years they ended up getting divorsed.

A couple of years ago i was speaking with our mother, and she let slip that we may have a older sister as Bruce may have had a daughter with someone else before he married our mother, but i have never been able to varify this, and it was at this point i tried to locate our father to ask him. It was at this time i found out that he had passed in 2002 at blacktown hospital in sydney.

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