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"Bruce Kendall" may refer to:
  • Anthony Bruce Kendall (1964), New Zealand-born winner of two Olympic medals for windsurfing
  • Major General Bruce E. Kendall (c1913-2004), who retired in 1970 after 37 years as a Quartermaster officer, including three years for General Douglas MacArthur
  • Dr Bruce E. Kendall, Associate Professor – Applied Ecology, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara - see User:Bruce Kendall
  • Bruce Kendall (1948), born in Swillington, Yorkshire, self-taught landscape painter
  • Bruce Everett Kendall (1944), born in 1944, Omak, Washington), multi-talented International graphic designer (CCO of Kendall Worldwide) a world class visual communicator, specializing in graphic design, web site design, marketing, and advertising. Bruce graduated from Renton High School in Renton, Washington and has continuing education at Burnley School of Art, Seattle, and Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York as well as many continuing education seminars and conferences. Bruce has received many prestigious professional awards from work he has produced for local, regional, national and international clients. A world traveler having visiting 23 countries.
  • Bruce Kendall, American commercial photographer and location scout
  • Bruce Kendall, Deputy Chief Facilities Executive, Existing Facilities, for the Los Angeles Unified School District from July 2005
  • Bruce Kendall, CEO of the Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County, Washington (and very likely the one on Facebook, whose 45 friends include 10 in Seattle or Tacoma)
  • Bruce Kendall, Professor (Emeritus) of Physics, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
  • Bruce Kendall, honored former professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • H. Bruce Kendall, author of books such as A man named John F. Kennedy; sermons on his assassination. and Command and Control (August 2000)

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