My Grandparent's Grandparents Edit



Prominent Ancestors Edit

Special Events Edit

  • ??? - Mayflower Pilgrim - Warren Family Lineage (?)
  • Daniel Nurse and Sarah Ball (1739-?) - Direct Ancestors with same wedding date as myself - They married in Dec 2, 1758 in Shrewsbury, MA.

Medieval French Royalty Edit

Medieval English Royalty Edit

American Revolution Soldiers Edit

Early Americana Edit

  • Rebecca Towne (1621-1692) - Rebecca and her sister died in the Salem Witch Trials.  A third sister was accused but escaped conviction. (Hall-Reid-Prentiss-Warren-Nurse-Towne)

English Immigrants: Edit

Early New England Settlers: Edit

  • X Reid
  • X Porter / Potter
  • X Knowell
  • X Haircourt
  • X Prentiss / James Hogg (1696-?) From Scotland to Ireland
  • X Samuel Gregg
  • X Mary Moore
  • X Charter Samuel Morrison (1687-1757)
  • X Margaret Henry

1630s New England Mass Migration Edit

Moses Warren has 5 generations of ancestors that arrived in the 1630s to settle the Massachusetts Bay Colony - including John Warren, The Immigrant 1585  who sailed in 1630 with Governor Winthrop.

Watertown Massachusetts - 1620 to 1640. BHALL, RHALL, SHALL, CHALL, AJREID, SPrentiss, PWarren, MWarren2, MWarren1, DWarren, JWarren, DWarren, JWarren - 12 Generations Back: (10th Great Grand Parents).   For complete info see the Warenne Family Ancestry.

Special Projects Edit

Priesthood Edit

LDS Priesthood Line of Authority:

  • Bryce R Hall ordained an Elder by Robert R Hall - Sept 1981.
  • Robert R Hall ordained an Elder by Ross Warner 19 Feb 1956
  • Ross Warner ordained a bishop by Joseph F Merill
  • Joseph F Merrill ordained an Apostle by Heber J Grant on 8 Oct 1931
  • Heber J Grant ordained an Apostle by George Q Cannon on 16 Oct 1882.
  • George Q Cannon ordained an Apostle by Brigham Young on 26 Aug 1860
  • Brigham Young (1801-1877) ordained an Apostle by The Three Witnesses].

References Edit

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