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Bucky Roberts was born 28 December 1987 .
Buckbrts (1987) "C++", Python and Java programmer. He is famous for being a YouTuber with "funny videos" (typically mocked by professionals) and much programming tutorial videos. Even though he never got married, he had girlfriends. His first girlfriend was Kelsey when Bucky was 10 years old. Bucky's second girlfriend was Julia when he was 12 years old, Bucky calls her a big mistake. Nicole was his third girlfriend. Bucky's real name is Greg, but nobody uses it and calls him Bucky. Bucky grew up in New York until he was 21 when he moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives now. He dropped out of college because he realized it wasn't for him, but after dropping out, he began to become fascinated with computers and began to read a lot of computer books. He spent almost all his savings buying computer books and other computer related items. When he continued to look for more sources of information, he realized some people on YouTube were posting videos about computer topics. So when he found out he could record his computer screen for free, he decided to give it a try. Then began his first YouTube channel called "thenewboston". He began posting a few videos and noticed some people found his videos quite helpful, he realized that YouTube could be an extremely helpful source of information. Instead of spending crazy amounts of money on colleges, people could simply look up his educational videos on YouTube for free! So he decided that's the way he wanted to be.

4 years later, he has gained 178,000 subscribers and 53 Million views. he has expanded out of his bedroom to an office in a small town nearby. He has used his own personal funds as well as donations to his websites to hire two additional people to help him make tutorials, as well as some better equipment to make better quality videos. As the newboston grows, he aims to cover topics such as math, science, and all core subjects necessary for a quality education. His goal is to create a source of high quality education that people can access worldwide without ever having to pay a single dime. It is also, to deliver tutorials and guides that surpass the quality of even the top colleges and universities around the world. He claims he will continue to work each day of his live until his goal is met. That he will never charge a single penny for his videos, and will not sell out to a bigger cooperation for any of his videos either. He believes that there are some things that are much more important than money, and this was one of those things.

After being inactive for about 7 months, many of his viewers and fans have thought that Bucky had abandoned TheNewBoston. His social networking website had an expired domain forcing the domain to get shut down. Suddenly on April 6, a new post had been posted on his Facebook page and Twitter account saying "Hello World". Bucky explained that he had been out filming a crowd funded project called "How To Pick Up Girls", but was forced to cancel the project after finding out that all their footage would not comply with Youtube's terms of service, due to them not having the people who were filmed in the project sign a release. After returning to his home he was contacted about a software project focusing on what he called "AI/machine learning", and has been working on that ever since. He states that he will finally be back and continue his work with his youtube account, "TheNewBoston". Bucky and his development team have continued development on starting April 8 2014.

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