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Origin: Anglo-Norman De Burghs
Meaning: The name was first used to signify one who was a dweller at, or near, a burgh or stronghold
Variant(s): Burk
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Burke, an Irish surname, is a good example of the evolutionary nature of names.  It is also sometimes found in the patronymic form, O'Burke, indicating "son of Burke." The name was first used to sifnify one who was a dweller at, or near, a burgh or stronghold. The Irish Burkes are traced to the Anglo-Norman De Burghs, one of who settled in Ireland soon after the acquistion of that country by the English monarchs.  The formal adoption of surnames goes back further in history in Ireland than in most of Western Europe; consequently, records of Irish pedigrees are available from a much earlier period.

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Historic Burkes Edit

Geoffrey de Burk - County Hereford Testa de Neville, sive Liber Feodorum

Walter de Burk - County Hereford - ibid Hubert de Burk (King John) -County somerset Hundred Rolls, 1273

John de Burk - County Somerset - ibid

Edmund Burke - Irish Lawyer, member of the British Parliment

John Burke - Treasurer of the United States from 1913-1921 under Woodrow Wilson

Martha Jane Burke - "Calamity Jane"

Arleigh Albert Burke - American admiral in World War II

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Primary Sources

The Burke Family, National Genealogical Research Institute, Washington D.C. Library of Congress Catelog No. 75-13724 Copyright 1975

3,500 Years of Burkes, Eugene, Lois and Bob Burke, Commonwealth Press, Oklahoma City, Oklahome 1988

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