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Burns is a surname of several different origins: English, Scottish and Irish. The name can also be an Americanization of a Jewish surname.

  1. Scottish and northern English origin. The name is a topographical name for someone who lived near a stream. The name Burns is derived from the Middle English burn.
  2. Scottish origin. The name is a variant of the surname Burhhouse.
  3. Irish. The name is an Anglicization of the Gaelic Ó Broin. (Byrne).
  4. Jewish. The name is an Americanization and short form of the surname Bernstein.

Individuals with that surname but no separate pageEdit

Roberta Burns
Jeanne (Burns) Kerski
Macey Logan Doris Burns
Madison McKenna Burns
Frank Burns
Dina Burns
Mathew Burns
Debbie (Stevens) Burns
Nellie Burns

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